My Laptop Is Ready To Pick Up! And In Other News…

What exciting  news do I have to report today?

Sigh…not much! But my laptop is ready  to pick up at Costco, which I’ll  do Friday. Also, I got  the “fuzzy socks” I ordered from Amazon  today. My feet are pretty  achy after today’s  shift, so I wasted no time putting  one of the pairs on…



These  are  “knee socks” on a normal sized human female, but are generous  crew length socks on me! If I want  women’s  knee socks to fit me like knee socks, I have  to seek  out “over  the knee” socks (which go to my knees). I have  a  couple  of pairs of such socks (besides men’s  soccer socks, which  don’t  always go up to my knees either) #tallwomanproblems

I *was* going to meet Kim for music  trivia tonight, but I’m  just too beat. She’s  not the first person  I’ve  bailed  on doing  something  with over “the holidays.” I need some time off (more about  that  in  a bit).

My husband  and I are talking  about doing an overnight trip to Mt. Pleasant  when I have my time off after New Year’s. We’re  both Central Michigan  grads, so it will be like  our  own little “homecoming.” Too bad neither of us can, as the Barenaked Ladies song says, “(break) into our old apartment(s).” Why? Because  his and my old apartment  buildings  have since been demolished   (even one of his old residence halls  was torn down).

All that remains  is the apartment we shared my last year  at CMU. If that bulding still stands? Uh, meh…we won’t  be breaking  in! But we can reminisce over  some drinks at The Bird   (a downtown  bar).

So many memories…cutting  through “Rape Forest” while walking to classes, barnwood on the living room walls, hauling my 45 pound  Schwinn ten speed up a flight of stairs, John setting a small fire  in the microwave  when he put a foil wrapped Arby’s sammich in there, and the first  and last time I ever had Captain  Morgan  spiced  rum (bleah)!

There’s  a time  and place for everything  and it’s  called college!

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