My Laptop Is Ready To Pick Up! And In Other News…

What exciting  news do I have to report today?

Sigh…not much! But my laptop is ready¬† to pick up at Costco, which I’ll¬† do Friday. Also, I got¬† the “fuzzy socks” I ordered from Amazon¬† today. My feet are pretty¬† achy after today’s¬† shift, so I wasted no time putting¬† one of the pairs on…



These¬† are¬† “knee socks” on a normal sized human female, but are generous¬† crew length socks on me! If I want¬† women’s¬† knee socks to fit me like knee socks, I have¬† to seek¬† out “over¬† the knee” socks (which go to my knees). I have¬† a¬† couple¬† of pairs of such socks (besides men’s¬† soccer socks, which¬† don’t¬† always go up to my knees either) #tallwomanproblems

I *was* going to meet Kim for music¬† trivia tonight, but I’m¬† just too beat. She’s¬† not the first person¬† I’ve¬† bailed¬† on doing¬† something¬† with over “the holidays.” I need some time off (more about¬† that¬† in¬† a bit).

My husband¬† and I are talking¬† about doing an overnight trip to Mt. Pleasant¬† when I have my time off after New Year’s. We’re¬† both Central Michigan¬† grads, so it will be like¬† our¬† own little “homecoming.” Too bad neither of us can, as the Barenaked Ladies song says, “(break) into our old apartment(s).” Why? Because¬† his and my old apartment¬† buildings¬† have since been demolished¬† ¬†(even one of his old residence halls¬† was torn down).

All that remains¬† is the apartment we shared my last year¬† at CMU. If that bulding still stands? Uh, meh…we won’t¬† be breaking¬† in! But we can reminisce over¬† some drinks at The Bird¬† ¬†(a downtown¬† bar).

So many memories…cutting¬† through “Rape Forest” while walking to classes, barnwood on the living room walls, hauling my 45 pound¬† Schwinn ten speed up a flight of stairs, John setting a small fire¬† in the microwave¬† when he put a foil wrapped Arby’s sammich in there, and the first¬† and last time I ever had Captain¬† Morgan¬† spiced¬† rum (bleah)!

There’s¬† a time¬† and place for everything¬† and it’s¬† called college!

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