One Of Many Reasons I’ll Never Win The Lottery…

I just  learned  that there were credit card issues  – nationwide   – at Kroger  stores today.

I had to do a grocery  stop after wotk today, and went to a local chain store instead (Busch’s – a Southeast Michigan grocery chain).  It was closer to work  – and I had  a sixth sense that Kroger  would be a shit show  today.

By doing so, I not only snagged a 12 pack of delicious beer I probably  wouldn’t  have found  at Kroger, had great service  from the cashier  and got to pay with plastic. Had I gone to Kroger after my irritating  shift at work and had been told I couldn’t  use my card (even though  I did happen to have enough  cash)? I would have  gotten quite…stabby.

I use up too much  dumb luck in situations  like this  to ever win a lottery prize! 😀

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