Merry Christmas! Or, Happy End of Year Holiday Of Your Choosing…

This blog site gets readers from all over the  world, so for those who celebrate Christmas – I say “Merry Christmas.” For everyone  else, I’ll  say Happy Hanukkah, Joyous  Yule, Peaceful Kwanzaa and Solemn Solstice. If you’re  one of those  celebrating Saturnalia, cheers for kickin’ it old school!


I’m  not an artist, but made this myself…

I know I haven’t  covered  all of the holidays celebrated this time of year. But I tried! Monday  in a trivia game, I correctly  guessed  that Kwanzaa  was first celebrated  in the 1960s, which is when  the Black Panthers  first came into being. But the others on my trivia  team overruled me. Oh well, these things happen all of the time on trivia  nights, don’t  they?

I’m  enjoying my  one day off by watching  “Homicide for the Holidays,” a show on the Oxygen Channel about crimes that happen around  the holidays. The episode airing as I write this involves several members of the Simmons  family. Fourteen  total family members were murdered in Arkansas  in 1987 when they had all gathered  for Christmas. The family patriarch Ronald Gene Simmons took out his whole f—-ing family – the largest family massacre in US history.  He also fathered  a baby with his own daughter   (as if everything  I just told  you wasn’t  horrifying  enough – now there’s  incest too).

It’s  always that much more tragic when these things happen around the holidays, isn’t  it? It’s  hard to wrap  your mind  around this massive  amount  of evil, yet  it’s  still so fascinating   (at least to me).

As you might’ve guessed, I’m  not  exactly  someone who gets excited about  the “Christmas Story” movie marathon  that airs every  Christmas! I can’t  help  it – I am who I am!

My husband  hasn’t  woken up yet, and later this afternoon, we’ll  be going to my mom and dad’s  house.

Thanks, as always, for reading – I hope  you all have pleasant days today!

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