Trivia Recap – December 24, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

One of our players may have momentarily forgotten what  time the game started on Monday – the poor dear had gotten so used to the 8 p.m. games on Wednesdays at Tower Inn – that he forgot all about having played 7:30 p.m. games at Sticks Monday nights from about mid-April until around the end of October! What was most important was that he (Brad, for inquiring minds) – happened to remember important details about a 1964 animated children’s special for a final question in game two! It’s far more important to remember the “Misfit Toys” than it is to remember  something as mundane as what time to show up for the game! Him remembering that got us a $15/first place prize in game two. We narrowly lost out on a game one tiebreaker for first by not being able to pull the correct number out of Frosty’s hat – but we still got $10 for our troubles!

As you will see, all of these abbreviated questions  will be  in a “holiday” theme! And speaking of remembering  things, shout out to Mike for remembering the odd name of a yuletide holiday of auld (more about that in a bit).

And here we dashing through the snow in a one-horse trivia sleigh…

1. Neighborhoods – What Los Angeles neighborhood is nicknamed “Tinseltown?”

2. First Ladies – In the mid 20th century, which first lady began the tradition of selecting a “theme” for the official White House Christmas tree? For a nerd bonus point, what 1892 work inspired the theme for this first tree?

3.New Meanings – In 2019 – Merriam-Webster added two informal definitions for someone regarded/treated as unique or special – and someone who is overly sensitive?

4. Movie Characters – What 1984 film featured human characters named Billy, Kate and Randall – and non-human characters  named  Gizmo and Stripe?

5. Sports Fans – During the halftime show at a NFL game in December, 1968, which NFL team gained fame for its fans booing Santa and throwing snowballs at him? Brad was over this one…

6. Outer Space – In July, 1994, the Shoemaker Levy-9 comet collided with what planet – leaving impact marks on its southern hemisphere for several months? And Mike all over this one (I’m so happy when my team doesn’t need my help with answers)!

7. Same Title – Audio clue featuring a traditional Christmas hymn that shares its name with a Three Dog Night hit song.

8. Holiday Food – Eaten during Hanukkah, sufganiyah is what kind of sweet? Nope, nope, nope – no teams got this correct.

9. TV Holidays – On the Seinfeld episode entitled “The Strike,” the made-up holiday of Festivus has several rituals – including the airing of grievances. What immediately follows the airing of grievances?

10. Trees – Since 1997, NBC has aired a live broadcast of a tree lighting ceremony on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at which NYC location?

Mystery – Initials

All correct responses will be people’s initials – drawn from the letters in the word HOLIDAY.

M1 – Netflix talk show host who says, “My next guest needs no introduction”

M2 – Belgian born British actress who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992 in recognition for her work as a goodwill ambassador

M3 – Artist, musician and peace activist who contributed more than a million dollars to landscaping the Strawberry Fields section of New York City’s Central Park

M4 – Emmy nominated actress who played Kerry Weaver on ER

Missed #2 and #4.

We were tied with I’m How Old for first with 61 points out of five teams in contention.

Final category – Games

Since 2010, when playing cards were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, two other card-based games have also earned induction. Name both of those games.

Came up with both answers pretty quickly, but our competition did, too. So we had to answer this tiebreaker:

As of 2019, how many toys are in  the National Toy Hall of Fame?

I’m How Old’s guess was closer…so they got first – we got second.

Game Two

1. Gifts – In the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song,what is given on the 12th day?


The actress on the right will be asked about in a bit…

2. Actress – What actress portrayed Christmas Jones in The World  is Not Enough? Evan and I teamed up here…

3. Menus – What item rounded out the first items on Wendy’s menu in 1968 – hamburger, chili, french fries, soft drink and what other thing?

4. Celebrations – What ancient Roman festival was held from December 17 to December 23 and has a large influence of traditions now associated with Christmas? If this isn’t proof we’re doing the holidays all wrong, I don’t know what is (LOL)! Read more about this  here.

5. Celebrations – Within one decade, in which decade was Kwanzaa  first celebrated? The right answer was suggested but not written down (d’oh). Missed it by one decade…

6. Celebrations – What 1980s TV show featured a celebration called Weebabeast – which involved the exchange of gifts, bell ringing and other things? Brad strangely came up with this answer even though he’d never seen the show…

7. World Records – In 2016, 7.681 participants achieved a Guinness record for the largest type of what even often played spontaneously during the winter months? FB clue…

8. All Stars – Outfielder Matt Holiday has made seven All Star games during his MLB career from 2004 to 2018. Name one of the  teams represented by Holiday at the All Star game – both for a bonus point. Miss and miss.

9. Snacks – What color tin typically holds Dansk Danish butter cookies?

10. Reindeer – Which of Santa’s reindeer’s names comes last alphabetically?

Visual Mystery –


Got them all.

We were by ourselves in first with 57 points going into the final.

Category – TV Specials

n the 1964 TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a number of the toys on the Island of Misfit Toys are animals. One is spotted, one swims, one is ridden by a cowboy, and one has wings. Name two of the four animals with those unique characteristics.

Brad got really excited here…knew this right away, so we held onto  our lead and got first.

This rounds out our “regular” trivial pursuits for the week, though a music themed game is planned Thursday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you Roman folks celebrating Saturnalia!




One thought on “Trivia Recap – December 24, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

  1. game one answers:

    hollywood, jackie kennedy/nutcracker; snowflake, eagles, jupiter, joy to the world, jelly doughnut, feats of strength, rockefeller center

    mystery – david letterman, audrey hepburn, yoko ono, laura innes

    final answers: Uno, magic the gathering

    Game two answers:

    drummers, denise richards, frosty, saturnalia, 1960s, fragglerock, snowball fight, rockies/cardinals; blue, vixen

    mystery – jingle bell rock, run  rudolph run, holly and ivy, joy to the world

    finalanswers: bird, bear ostrich, elephant

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