Almost A Festivus Sweep Tonight!

Nearly  a couple  of weeks ago, my trivia  team won a fistful  of cash in a trivia  tournament  because  we won a tiebreaker. We weren’t  quite so lucky  tonight – and lost  out on a first  place  tiebreaker, but still  won just enough  prize money to cover  a beer tab for the four of us (excluding tip). So not a bad  night  overall!

Highlight  of the night? A dude getting  so drunk by 8 pm  that  he needed two  different  friends  to help him down the stairs! Also the males  on my team say there  was puke  in the men’s  room. I have a feeling  these two incidents  were related  somehow…

Another  highlight  was  us knowing  both final qs…right away. A rarity  for  my team!

I have  to work on Christmas  Eve,  (grumble), so the trivia recap  will have to wait until after  4:30 Tuesday. Also I’m  doing a booze run  after work ( I have no  plans  to be sober on Christmas Eve, nor do  I have any plans to wear  pants)! Well, I may be wearing  jammie pants, which  are vastly  different  from “outside world  pants.”

On that note…good night all!


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