Trivia Tonight! What Better Way to Celebrate Festivus?

My trivia team “normally” plays Wednesday nights these days, but Christmas falls on a Wednesday this year…so no trivia! Yes, that actually makes me kind of sad – especially since it’s the ONLY day I have off from work this week! Stupid Christmas (grumble grumble)!

There really is no “good” day for Christmas to fall when you work in “Retailville.” One, most folks are “blacked out” from having any time off around the holidays, and two, it’s pretty much all hands on deck for the day after Christmas and the many crappy returns. What I’m REALLY looking  forward to is having a few days off after New Year’s! My husband and I haven’t decided what we’re doing with that time yet, but…it’s on the calendar! We could take a trip to an aquarium, take a nice walk somewhere outside if it’s nice, see a movie…

So instead, we’ll be playing at Sticks tonight! This bar is the bar where we’ve played trivia since almost the beginning – when our newbie team started playing competitively in 2012. I’ve seen so many different trivia hosts on the mic here…Cameron, Rachel Sue, Tim and now Shane is on the mic these days. Was there another Shane hosting here previously? I honestly don’t remember…

I *should* have four players for the game tonight. This will be the first time Evan has been able to join us for a Monday night game.

Well, that’s about it for this silly little trivia update. I’ll leave all of you to airing your grievances, practicing your feats of strength and wrestling the head of household to the ground in accordance with Festivus “tradition!” Don’t forget the Festivus Pole!

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