Recap Of Today’s Game Posted on Sunday…

My husband and I are doing a brief “pit stop” at home before we head out for some drinks later. And since it’s my policy to never write trivia recaps under the influence of alcohol (vis a vis the falling asleep in the recliner incident from 2017)…well I think you know how the rest of this goes! Trivia recaps come to those who wait!


A couple of comments about today…I’m very, very pleased that the other two teams in the “money” zone today consisted of players that me and my team have battled “in person” multiple times over the past several years. One of the players was a longtime trivia rival “from the south,” (you know who you are – glad there are no hard feelings about the shirt I asked our “loaner” to wear today, LOL),  another a guy we battled in trivia frequently at a German restaurant/bar a few years ago, another a barhop fiend we met probably about five years ago and have seen in countless trivia battles since, and a team we met in trivia battle too many times to count when we used to play at The Wurst Bar.

I honestly didn’t expect our team to land in the cash prize zone today! When I had to go up to do a tiebreaker with three other teams after the final questions had been answered, I figured it was just a tiebreaker for “swag” prizes. So you can imagine how my jaw must’ve dropped when they were reading the scores and they revealed which teams finished in fourth or lower – and they hadn’t read our team’s name yet (OMG)! Also, the look on our “loaner” player’s face when the answer to the tiebreaker question was revealed after he’d heard the answer I’d put down (had my teammates been involved with this tiebreaker, their guesses would’ve been much higher than mine). The question was the starting price of a T-20 Harley Davidson motorcycle (I didn’t write down the question). My guess for the answer was $7,500 – and the correct answer was…(look at the comments – I want you guys to try guessing).

In a way, our dearly departed trivia comrade Archie (whom was a motorcycle nut in addition to being just about the biggest U of M football fan on the planet) was there in spirit! A couple of us even wore our Archie bracelets which state “Semper Fi” on them (too bad his basketball team lost, but he would’ve been happy with how the ‘Pods did today).

Thanks as always for following/stalking this blog!

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