Two Weeks Without Booze…

Today marks day 14 of me  not having any alcoholic  drinks. Besides  Nyquil cold/flu, which is 10 percent  alcohol. But hey, we’re  not being  that technical, are we?

I’ve  decided that if I *feel* like having a drink  on Black Friday (November 29) – I will. That would be having a drink after 27 days of sobriety. Don’t  people  go into rehab for  about  this long?

I got to leave an hour early today  because the new guy left after working 4 hours  of his six hour  shift. Why? Because  he left his  “medication” at home. Presumably  his anti anxiety  medication that must not be working because  of his little freakout on Tuesday. Yesterday  he called  off so he could go to his appointment  to apply  for food stamps. Yeah, I don’t  really  get  it, either. Guess if you miss your appointment  you have  to reschedule  it much, much later.

All I want to concern myself  with this guy  is teaching  him how to do his job. If I also have  to constantly  worry about his mental health too? Sorry, I’m  not his mommy – or his counselor. I’m  not going  to be a dick, but I’m  not  going  to mollycoddle him, either. Just…do your  job, sir! I’m  not going to hold his hand!

I may go out  later to play  Spotlight   (Buzztime game).

I still  don’t  have a working laptop, but should  have one soon. I’ll  use the husband’s  iMac over the weekend  to possibly  do some blogging. I need to update  my sexiest  men alive  blog  and do an entry  for John Legend. I’m  pretty sure he is the only person on the list to have an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony  award (I will check that out). On that note, I should  also make sure my EGOT winners  blog is up to date, too!

Have a good  weekend, everyone!


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