Sporcle Live 2020 Season Dates Announced…

The Sporcle Live trivia league has announced its season dates for 2020, which you can read more about on their web site here. 

Looks like the new season for 2020 will run from the week of January 6 through May 31. Semifinals are listed for June 13, finals June 20.

So what does this mean for my trivia team? It’s still a bit too early to tell, but given that I’m not a fan of the overly long trivia seasons, this probably means we’ll be playing more casually. Playing when and where it works for our individual players, rather than committing to playing in the same place – week after week after week after week after week after week! God…those Monday night games at Sticks started to become a chore! I really only have four regular players in my rotation, and we will likely lose a fifth player when he gets married next year and moves out of town. We’ve done quite well playing with our “less is more” lineup, or as one of my friends liked to describe us years ago when we started hemorrhaging players when they started moving out of state, “lean ‘n mean.”

Sadly, because of the new Wednesday trivia nights at Tower Inn, we’ll probably not be playing very much at The Owl in Milan anymore. I was enjoying the trivia scene there, and as a side note – I also enjoyed that you could get iced tea drinks there instead of booze. If you tell the baristas what you want, they can usually hook you up…Those hibiscus iced tea drinks almost tasted like they had booze in them! Since it’s a coffee shop, you can also get coffee, but I don’t tend to have caffeine besides a cup of coffee before work in the morning.

But who knows? Maybe the Tower Inn nights won’t work out. I don’t have a crystal ball, though I do have a small crystal clock (given to me and my husband as a wedding gift) and a small lead crystal sugar bowl, which is a family heirloom. It was a wedding present to my great grandfather’s parents at their wedding. Hmmm maybe I should take a picture of the two crystal pieces I own? OK!


On the left is a photo of my great-great grandmother Ruby Adelaide and her husband, whose name currently escapes me. Next up is the crystal bowl given to them at their wedding in the 1910s (which they used as a sugar bowl, I use it to store small rocks and some guitar picks), and on the right is a Waterford crystal clock given to me by a great uncle and great aunt. The great uncle giving me the clock was the grandson of the people in the photo.

Now that I’ve digressed enough..(ahem)! A new MTL season will start soon, and we’ll likely give that a try at least until the end of the year to see how that goes. Sporcle games will be a bit more sporadic, and decided on a week by week basis. I’ll put it to a vote to my team about playing at Bobcat Bonnie’s next week (Wednesday) for the MTL bye week, but only if I get at least four players. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to try out a new spot for my blog readers/page followers to learn more about!

Our next trivia game is tonight at Tower Inn, so I’ll have a recap to share after 4:30 or so (Eastern time) Thursday! My new work schedule has me working until 3 p.m. which avoids most of the rush hour madness that would occur if it were later.

Until the next blog, see you then!

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