A Little ‘Pods Update (November 6, 2019)


 None of the following should be news to any regular followers of this blog site! This is a copy of what I recently posted on my trivia team’s Facebook page, though some minor edits have been made to that post to “tailor” it for this post.

So…what’s up with the ‘Pods lately? Since the seasons for both Sporcle Live and My Trivia Live are winding down this week, how about a little update?

First, big news – we’ve decided we’re not going to try playing as a team in the Sporcle Live semifinals November 17. A couple of things prompted this decision – one, we won’t have enough players to field a team for tournaments this time, two – it’s the “busy season” for one of our key players, and three, a new My Trivia Live spot opened up locally (Tower Inn).

We played “almost” an entire season Monday at Sticks and wound up finishing in second (played 18 out of 20 total games), but sat out the last couple of games. We only have so many players on our team, and one of them said they could only play once a week, so we focused our efforts on playing games at the new MTL spot when it opened up.

During the past season, we also played eight games at Sticks on Thursday nights, eight games at The Owl, Morning ’til Night in Milan (the host Sporcle Live with Tyler B told us he enjoyed having us in the mix to ramp up the competition), twice at Original Gravity Brewing Co., twice at Oscar’s, once at ABC Microbrewery, three games at Tower Inn (My Trivia Live) and a couple of games at McShane’s Pub (also MTL).

Another new Ypsilanti trivia spot is opening up tonight at Bobcat Bonnie’s (Sporcle Live). We’ve already heard about one longtime league team from Arbor Brewing Company that will be playing here tonight, we’re curious about what other local players/teams might be checking out the “new hotness.” It’s been quite a while since a “new” trivia spot opened in Ypsilanti – before Tower Inn and Bobcat Bonnie’s, that would probably be Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse.

If we end up qualifying for the upcoming MTL semis/finals in December, we’ll be throwing our hats in for that as a team and playing for the first time as “us” since August, 2018.

Speaking of hats, today I learned something fun while watching “Mysteries at the Museum!” It pertained to the “Straw Hat Riot,” which you can read more about here.


Maybe one day we’ll have a riot over men wearing these jeans…but in 1922, riots broke out over another fashion faux pas, read on to learn more…

Riots broke out all over New York City September 13, 1922 because of people protesting straw hats being worn! Think about all of the fashion atrocities we tolerate today. Leggings worn in the size the wearer wishes they were (not the size they are), embellished denim worn by men, (embellished denim is an industry term for “bedazzled pocket jeans”), and…jogger pants. Sweat pants and khakis/jeans should NOT have been allowed to breed! And…and…if you can see what color underwear a woman is wearing under her BLACK leggings when she is out in full sunlight – there is something seriously wrong, people!


That’s about it for this little update!

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