Sorry…No New Recap To Share Today! But In Other News…

Hey blog readers! I decided to be wacky and take last night  off from our regular “trivial pursuits.” It was likely going to be the last day it would be nice enough to sit in the “bier garten,” and I’m happy we ran into some of Archie’s old friends.


From left to right – me, Scott, Bill, Patti and Mike. Brad and Linda had not yet showed up…

I don’t have a “new” recap to share with you today! I did go looking for some good recaps from this week in past years, though – so if you want to read some trivia question sets from the past, click here, here, here and…. here!

One of these old recaps is from 2013 (the third link above)! It was an all-Halloween question set from a game at the Rub Pub in Ann Arbor, which is no longer open. Nor is the host working as a host anymore. My husband and I wore our Halloween costumes to this game – me as “Silhouette” from the movie Watchmen – and he as Rohrschach (also from Watchmen). We met up with our friend “Roh,” whom used to live in Ann Arbor, but has since moved to Rochester, MN and works at the world famous Mayo Clinic.

Silhouette from the Watchmen movie ⇓ She is killed within the first few minutes so she has very little screen time.


My take on Silhouette ⇓ (Yes I am aware there is a propane heater coming out of my head LOL)!


Doesn’t look like it hurt us too bad to skip last night. Our competitors now have a 50 point lead and we’re not likely to be able to re-take the lead at this point. Oh well…we tried! Now it’s time to move on and see what kind of noise we can make in other trivia spots! This doesn’t mean we’re done playing Mondays at Sticks – we’ll probably play again next Monday, though I only have two players who can play that game. I’ll need Brad more at Tower Inn Wednesdays – and he only wants to play one day a week (IKR – amateur)!

We’ll be back in trivia battle Wednesday AND Thursday! I’ll see y’all in the next trivia recaps – or whatever other blogs I post next. Thanks, as always, for stopping by!




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