Beginning Week Two Of “Operation Don’t Drink So Much”

Last week, I embarked  on an ambitious  effort  to…cut  back on drinking, which I’m  continuing  this week. I designated some nights  as booze free and limited myself to 2-3 drinks max on weeknights and no more than 4 on weekend nights. I can be creative  and mix things up – a glass of hard cherry cider  packs a bigger  punch than a tall glass of Labatt   (for example). If I mix at least one strong drink/beer into my night’s  “allotment,” it makes it easier  to stop when I should.

This means I may not be drinking things that are too “crushable” anymore (like hard seltzers). It’s  just too easy  to polish off too many of those in a night. Easier to stop drinking after a set number if the drinks fill you up a bit (like a couple  of Bell’s  Two Hearted ales at 7 % abv  as an example). I’m  trying  to become a “moderate  drinker.” Tough when you like the way it makes you feel. I’ve said before that people  don’t  struggle with alcoholism  – they struggle with sobriety. Drinking too much is easy  – not drinking is tough when you like booze.

Tonight  I’m  booze free…I don’t  work tomorrow, so I’ll  be able to get to sleep  when  I’m  tired.  Even if it’s  2 a.m.

I know I’m  doing the right thing.

Tuesday  will be my next booze-free night. Mike will be heading  out that night to discuss some design work with a friend, and I’ll  be staying home.

If a couple of benefits  are saving a bit of money and losing a bit of weight (in addition to improving  my health), well maybe this won’t  be for nought…

I’m  trying!

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