When Horror Movies Fail To Horrify…

20191011_235048 Just tried watching the 2002 psychological  horror film They. I couldn’t  even with the bland, blonde  stick figure female lead or the plodding storyline. Yawn… 😴

So I just  popped Ravenous  into the DVD  player. What more do I need? Cute long haired  Guy Pearce in Civil War threads,  Robert Carlyle and his adorable Scottish accent, the cannibalistic  principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off , lovely Czech Republic scenery (movie is set in Sierra  Nevadas just before the gold rush) and a creepy soundtrack. Did I mention  cannibalism and the Windigo myth? Sigh…also the story is great – and there  is nice dark humor injected into it. What are you waiting  for? Dig in!





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