A Little “Trivia Update” – Plus Plans For Week of October 14, 2019

Where will the ‘Pods be waging trivia battles next week? Hopefully in just TWO places this time instead of the four games we played last week (oy what the Hell was I thinking)? We won $70 total in prizes though, so there’s that! It was nice returning to OG for a night! We’re probably going to do at least one more trivia night in Milan – either at The Owl – or Original Gravity – in the last week of the Sporcle season (first week of November).

So, we’ll play Monday at Sticks like usual – possibly with a “helper” again (I haven’t confirmed whether he’ll play with us again or not). He definitely adds a different “dynamic” to the game nights, and not just because he’s an excellent player and knows quite a few things we don’t (especially about TV)… When I fist-bumped him and called him “ringer,” I could tell it really fed his ego (it’s one of my special talents I’ve honed over the years, LOL).  It’s been fun, to say the least! It’s often good to add different players to your team’s mix, it brings a real “wild card” dynamic to things.

New Show Starting at Tower Inn!

Wednesday, we’ll be “trying out” the new My Trivia Live show at Tower Inn. I can’t help but wonder if trivia nights will ever succeed in this spot. MTL used to host late night shows here (Tuesdays, I think), but those folded. Then Sporcle came aboard, and those shows folded after just a few months (we played there quite a bit). Obviously I want a trivia spot in my ‘hood at a place my players like to succeed! I’m planning to play three games there for sure, which will round out the current MTL season. After that, we’ll decide whether we’ll keep playing there or not – I am definitely not ruling out the option of trying for a tournament spot in the MTL league again! The host whom will be doing the shows here is a pretty outgoing host who likes to be engaged with the players, so that might be a very positive thing for Tower Inn. She’s not a host who just sits at the mic rather than trying to get new players to sign up – I think she will do a good job with this place.

Bobcat Bonnie’s Opening Soon? 

But wait…there’s MORE! Another new local spot is supposed to open soon, which is Bobcat Bonnie’s in downtown Ypsilanti. I don’t think this will be a “regular” spot for my team, but I wouldn’t be a “trivia blogger” (a moniker bestowed upon me in 2016 by the owner of Stony Lake Brewing Co. in Saline) if I didn’t check out a new trivia spot, would I? The latest I’ve seen is BB’s plans to open the weekend of October 19, 2019 – pictures of their interior have been posted online. Their lower level is supposed to have various arcade games, and the main level is supposed to be where the bar/restaurant will be. They are taking over the old Bona Sera restaurant spot, and are right across the street from the Tap Room/Red Rock Barbecue, and also not far from Deja Vu, the YpsiAlehouse and the always watchable bus depot parking lot! Oh yes, and my parents’ church, where I was married!

Shakeup In Ypsilanti’s Wednesday Trivia Scene? 

I’m hearing “rumors” that a longtime Corner Brewery team might be switching to the trivia nights at Bobcat Bonnie’s (which will be Wednesdays, just like the Corner Brewery nights). I have little doubt that other Corner Brewery teams might also be migrating to the “new hotness.” I don’t know if this will pose any serious threat to the wildly popular trivia nights at Corner, but…what do I know? I heard from a longtime player recently that most teams at Corner were only fielding about four players (this is a place that is famous for its 10-12 player “megateams,” the last term of which was NOT coined by me, but a rival player of my acquaintance). This player at Corner had apparently been comparing the scores of his team playing at Corner with my team playing at the Owl, and on one night, we were pretty much neck and neck (the night he only had four players and I also had 3-4 players). I thought I was the only one who compared scores between teams at different trivia spots (this was our “team to beat” at Corner for quite a lot of years, so there is a longtime friendly rivalry with our two teams). There is quite a lot of mutual respect between our two teams! One of their players even wrote down the questions from the Sporcle finals last June for me when my team didn’t play, which I really appreciated…

When I played at Corner last Wednesday, there were quite a lot of empty seats at the tables – and we easily scored a table near the back just a few minutes before trivia started. What’s going on here? One of the players I talked to said that they have a “millennial” on their team who recently started attending college – but that can’t possibly explain it all. I remember when you had to be there an hour before game time to reserve tables, unsure how that is at the moment. Hmmm…

Trivia players can certainly be a fickle bunch! I know my team is notoriously fickle! Tell us our prizes can only be used on food – and not booze – and we won’t likely be back, charge too much for the beer and we’re not likely to be regulars, and if we don’t like the host, we’ll also likely stay the Hell away from the show. Life is too short to “endure” less than ideal trivia spots – amirite?

Lucky’s Market Trivia Coming Soon!

Another new spot that’s supposed to start offering trivia soon is an Ann Arbor grocery store called Lucky’s Market (Thursday nights). It appears they have a café area with a full food/drink menu. My husband and I are definitely interested in checking this out! Mainly because they sell pints of craft beer for TWO DOLLARS! I consulted Yelp and confirmed this fact in an April, 2019 review. It will be interesting to not play trivia in a grocery store again (which we did for about a month in 2018 when we played at the restaurant in JB’s Smokehouse in Canton, which is located in a Busch’s grocery store). Sadly, the JB’s Smokehouse “experiment” just didn’t end up working out (it was a tough place to get players each week). It will also be interesting to return to a spot near where we used to live in Ann Arbor – we used to shop in this store all the time, when it used to be a Kroger. And we’d occasionally do karaoke at the Colonial Lanes bowling alley across the street (which is now also operating under a different name – Revel and Roll).

I’m happy to see new offerings for trivia in my area! It will make the “withdrawal” of having to stop playing Wednesdays at The Owl a bit easier! Having a Thursday offering in Ann Arbor may also help keep Dave in the game, who has said Thursdays are his best trivia night.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

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