“Cephalopod Awareness Days” Begins Today! Tips For How To Celebrate

It’s October 8 – so what better day to celebrate the octopus – whose name – like the word “October” begins with the letters “octo?” And because it’s the eighth day, also celebrate that the octopus has eight arms (octo also means “eight”)?

How To Celebrate Cephalopod Awareness Days (Oct. 8-12)


Hank the “septopus” in Finding Dory (he has only seven arms)
  • October 8 – It’s all about the octopus on October 8! If you can’t go out to see a real-life octopus at a local aquarium (chances are it will just be hiding someplace anyway), then watch only the Hank scenes in Finding Dory! If you’re watching the movie with your kid and they protest that you’re fast-forwarding virtually the whole movie, just tell ’em to stop whining and be sure to have some YouTube videos set up for them watch featuring octopuses doing cool stuff (escaping their enclosures, getting into life-or-death fights with sharks that they will win, playing with toys, etc.). Also, if you have a collection of plush cephalopod toys, bring them with you to a trivia game today – and wear whatever you’ve got with octopuses on it! Also, be sure to read my blog about the blue-ringed octopus.


  • October 9 – Nautilus Day! You’ll probably have a hard time finding an aquarium with one of these , so why don’t you watch The Big Lebowski – and pretend that Donny is a nautilus? After all, the nautilus is kind of like the “Donny” of the cephalopods! He doesn’t “quite” fit in, he’s not as bright, and the other cephalopods are probably always telling him to shut the f— up (you get the drift)! You can also read this blog I wrote about the nautilus.


  • October 10 – Squid/Cuttlefish Day! The giant squid has the largest eyes of any known living creature on this planet – did you know? Cuttlefish can change colors and are wicked cool. Have you “cuddled” a cuttlefish today (I wouldn’t recommend it – they’ll probably sting you)!


A scene from the Netflix series Disenchantment
  • October 11 – Kraken Day! It’s time to celebrate imaginary cephalopods – like Krakens,  (the ones you might see in a Pirates of the Caribbean film), one you might read about in a horror story by H.P. Lovecraft or celebrate all of these creatures while getting drunk on Kraken rum! Has a cephalopod fan ever given you an airline sized bottle of Kraken rum? Psst…that means they like you! Kind of like when a cat brings you dead mice and other small rodents as “presents,” lol… Kraken rum can be mixed with ginger beer and a bit of lime juice to make a variation of the Moscow mule called the “dark and stormy.” Or you can just have some with cola…


Plush ammonoid (more about this creature in a bit)
  • October 12 – It’s a day to remember cephalopods who have died in the line of duty or because of massive extinction events (let’s all have a moment of silence and would you take that hat off, please?)  While there are about 800 known species alive right now, scientists have identified about 17,000 extinct species through the fossil record, including entire taxonomic groups that have gone extinct such as the subclass Ammonoidea. Maybe you can find an ammonoid fossil! Start digging!

How are YOU going to celebrate cephalopods?




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