(ANSWERS IN COMMENTS) Trivia Recap – October 3, 2019 – The Owl (Milan, MI)


My “better half” and I paid a visit to The Owl in Milan Wednesday for its trivia scene…The place was a bit more busy than usual – all of the booths on the left side in the rear were occupado – and a few barstools at the bar were taken to be used at a nearby  table – which left a gaping hole at the bar not unlike the gums of a six-year-old kid who just lost some baby teeth and is waiting for the permanent teeth to grow in their place. We managed to find a small table in the middle of a bunch of other tables in the back, but when a booth opened up later in the game, we didn’t hesitate to set up shop there. It was MUCH more comfortable (felt good to stretch out the legs a bit)! Sometimes us tall folks tend to get all “scrunched up” when forced to sit in chairs at itty bitty tables!

As for the game? Meh! It was our first prizeless game since August 26 – we logged 91 total points – wagered it all and missed the first final question – and our “sucker’s bet” of wagering zero on the game two final only managed to land us in third place when all was said and done. Clearly it was just not our night! Though it was kind of cool getting a COUNTRY MUSIC QUESTION RIGHT FOR 10 points! Yes, you read that right – and the story behind me knowing that answer is as strange as you would imagine anything involving the ‘Pods trivia team! No, the question didn’t float into my head from the aether (not this time, anyway)! I’ll explain a bit more about that when we get to that question!

And here are the questions…assume they will be reasonable facsimiles of/abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked during the game, assume they may not have all been written down word for word, and assume that there may be additional qualifiers for some of the questions that were not written down. Audio questions will not be written down. Now let’s go to last night’s trivia game!

Game One

1. Artists – Prior to spending 12 years on PBS teaching viewers how to paint, who spent 20 years in the United States Air Force rising to the rank of Master Sergeant? 10

2. Same Name – What first name is shared by a character who floated down the Mississippi River and a blue Hanna-Barbera character who sang My Darling Clementine? 9

3. Crops – What U.S. state produces nearly half of the peanuts grown in the U.S. every year? 3

4. Olympians – Tyler George, Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner, Joe Polo and John Shuster became the most recent Americans to win Olympic gold in what event? Facebook clue, 8.


A couple of fun facts about this kid from the movie in the next question! The actor’s name is Miko Hughes, and he’s the son of late screen writer/director John Hughes. Also, this is the same kid who is best known for saying, “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina” in the 1990 movie Kindergarten Cop.

5. Adaptations – What Stephen King novel has spawned two film adaptations – one in 1989 starring Dale Midkiff – and one in April, 2019 starring Jason Clare? I wanted to really “go for it” in terms of points, but Mike wasn’t quite sold…got this for 6.

6. U.S. Cities – Name one of the three northernmost capital cities in the “Lower 48” states – two for a bonus point. Considered the right ones, but didn’t write those down on our slips…boo! Miss for 2.

7. ’80s Music – In what Guns ‘n Roses song would you hear the lyrics, “The grass is green and the girls are pretty?” 7

8. Movements – An anti-government, Arab Spring movement began in what country as a response to a low standard of living and an oppressive regime? I didn’t write down this question in its entirety – Mike was our “point man” on this and he was torn between two countries – one that was right – and one that was wrong. Guess which one we put down? Miss for 4.

9. Arcade Games – In the original arcade release of Pac-Man, what fruit is to be eaten on the first level? 5

10. Universities – What company operates a 130,000 square foot training facility in Chicago called Hamburger University? Thank the trivia gods this wasn’t a college sportsball question in disguise… 1.

Mystery – Current Events (we did not have our best brains in the mix for this category)

M1 – On Friday, Kurt Volker, special envoy to what country – resigned in connection with a whistleblower report?

M2 – On Sunday, who won the Russian Grand Prix?

M3 – Who was host of the 45th season premiere of Saturday Night Live?

M4 – ON Thursday, the first astronaut from the United Arab Emirates completed a trip on the Soyuz spacecraft to what artificial satellite?

We only managed to get #1 and #4 correct. We put “Dmitri Earnhardt Jr.” as our guess for the Russian Grand Prix driver.

Scores – Seven teams, scores 35 to 61, with Ducks With Chainsaws in first. We used the moniker “Let the Fear Wash Over You, Charlie Brown” and were tied for fourth with 56, right behind MBLP – who had 59 – and Bald for the Win – who had 60 points.

Final Category – American Art

The tallest completed statue in the United States that is located west of the Mississippi River is Our Lady of the Rockies, an 88.6-foot-tall statue of Mary that is located in which U.S. state?


Game winners – Bald for the Win, 59; Ducks with Chainsaws, 61 (zero wagers).

Game Two

1. Singers – What singer was named the 1999 Entertainer of the Year by both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association following the success of her singles That Don’t Impress Me Much and Man I Feel Like A Woman? Mike and I have been binge watching old episodes of Parks and Recreation, and I recently read some trivia about the series that allowed us to wager 10 on this and get it. There was a scene where a janitor was blaring the second song while he was cleaning city hall, while Ron and Leslie were locked in an office so they could “settle their differences” (standard TV trope). Yes this really was how I knew this answer – and apparently there is more than one scene where the janitor is “grooving” on this song…

2. Politicians – In 1952, what future U.S. president was elected as vice president? 9 And with these two questions, my “work” in this game was pretty much done (Mike could have played solo for the rest of the game).

3. Computers – What is the name of the ship’s computer in the 1979 movie Alien? 5

4. Alphabet – Within one, how many letters of the Greek alphabet – when translated into English – begin with vowels? Mike had the number exactly right, but wrote down one extra just “in case.” So we got it within one for 4 points…

5. Trios – Clothos, Lachesis and Atropos are three figures from Greek mythology who controlled the life of every mortal from birth to death and are collectively known by what name in English? 8

6. NBA Teams – Which NBA team had players win back to back Rookie of the Year awards in seasons ending 2015 and 2016?  Miss for 1.

7. Reality TV – Audio clip of series currently airing its second season, Mike came up with right guess for 6 (even though neither of us has ever watched the show).

8. Human Body – What is the main anabolic hormone in the human body which regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and protein – including blood glucose? OK, Mike did need my help on this one…

9. Hair – Mohair is a silk like fabric that is made of the hair of what animal? Miss for 3…

10 Countries – What country is called Nihon in its native language? Mike gets this last one of the round for 2.

Visual Mystery –


Missed two of these…

Scores – Seven teams, 27 points to 58, with More Beer Less Pants in first. We were right behind them with 55 points using the moniker “It’s Warm and Moist, Charlie Brown.”

Final Category – Music Awards

There are three solo men who have won at least ten MTV Video Music Awards, none of whom is Michael Jackson. Name one of those three men.

We wagered zero on this, but of COURSE I thought of two correct guys right away…we wound up putting down an artist best known for his novelty hits.

Game winners- Ducks with Chainsaws, 59, More Beer Less Pants, 78 (both teams got it correct and wagered it all).

That’s it for this week’s trivial pursuits. We’ll be back at it Monday, and will be…changing things a bit next week and playing in spot we haven’t visited since May. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Woody Harrelson!


One thought on “(ANSWERS IN COMMENTS) Trivia Recap – October 3, 2019 – The Owl (Milan, MI)

  1. Game 1
    1 Bob ross, 2 huckleberry , 3 Georgia ,4 curling, 5 pet sematary, 6 olympia, helena bismarck, paradise city,7 tunisia,9 cherry, 10 McDonald’s
    M Ukraine, lewis Hamilton, woody harrelson, international space station
    Final 1 montana
    Game 2
    1 Shania twain 2nixon 3 mother 4 7 5 fates 6 Timberwolves 7 masked singer 8 insulin 9 goat 10 japan
    Mystery acbd
    Fimal Peter Gabriel eminem Justin Timberlake

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