Pondering the Great…Mysteries of the Universe

For at least a couple of millennia – and change – humans have pondered the great mysteries of the universe. Is there life on other planets? Is there life after death? Will the Detroit Lions ever make it to a Super Bowl? How were the pyramids built? Are alien abductions a real occurrence – or just the figment of drunken rednecks’ imagination? Will we ever get real evidence that Bigfoot exists? Why do people continue to see Tyler Perry movies?


Dana Scully dealing with some wigged out sh— on The X-Files.

And this morning, I too – was pondering a great mystery of the universe, which is as follows…

Why the f— didn’t my f—ing alarm go off? Special thanks to my husband for waking me up  with just enough time to get to work (was only a tad bit late)! One of my co-workers’ alarms didn’t go off, either. Is this some kind of grand conspiracy involving users of Samsung products?

Mysteries! Maybe Scully and Mulder need to be on the case!

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