“Unsolved Mysteries” In The 1980s – That Was Some Scary Sh–!


A perfect example of, “It’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it!” I remember watching this show as a teenager in the 1980s – there were a couple of times I was home watching it alone – in the dark (and got really creeped out). To this day, I still love shows like this – the new History channel series UnXplained (with host William Shatner) comes close to being like Unsolved Mysteries from the 1980s. When Dennis Farina took over as the host of Unsolved Mysteries, it just wasn’t the same to me. I associated him with just being a thug (because I’ve seen too many movies where he plays thugs). It’s funny how I was able to let go of associating Robert Stack with his Airplane character Rex Kramer – but I couldn’t get into Dennis Farina being host of this show.


Lloyd Bridges (left) and Robert Stack (right) in Airplane!

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