Halloween Music Playlist!

Close to a year ago, my husband and I were camping in Harrisville State Park while a city-wide Halloween party was going on in the city – and in the park itself. We were kind of caught unawares – we had to hastily pick up some candy at a nearby dollar store, we bought a cheap light-up pumpkin, and some plastic spiders – but certainly didn’t have the dinero to spend going “all out” on Halloween decorations. To read more about that weekend, read this blog.

I did, however – put together a “soundtrack” which I played while the kiddos were trick or treating! I wore an all-black (and some purple) – ensemble with my hunter’s cap – and had a REAL hatchet sitting on my lap while I handed out candy! Was this my lame attempt at doing Ed Gein for Halloween? Perhaps! My husband said the kids really did seem creeped out by the music! Behold is the list I put together based on pretty much every track in my “music library:”


I actually don’t know too much about serial killer Ed Gein. I think he made things out of human skin -and inspired the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something? I actually have a hat similar to this one!

1. Colquhoun’s Story (Ravenous Motion Picture Soundtrack)
2. Dead Man’s Party- Oingo Boingo
3. Descent into Mystery (essentially a rip off of Orff‘s O Fortuna but still pretty cool) (Batman motion picture soundtrack – 1989)
4. Lost Souls – nine inch nails (The Crow Motion Picture soundtrack – 1994)
5. Manifest Destiny – (Ravenous Motion Picture Soundtrack)
6. Night on Disco Mountain (Saturday Night Fever Motion Picture Soundtrack)
7. Shelob’s Lair (Lord of the Rings – Return of the King soundtrack)
8. Trek to the Cave – (Ravenous Motion Picture Soundtrack)
9. Waltz to the Death – (Batman motion picture soundtrack – 1989)

And JUST NOW I figured out how to play all of these as a playlist! I was playing the tracks individually while the trick or treating was going on (the more you know, LOL)!


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