Challenges of Shopping (When You’re Not An Off-The Rack Gal)

Even shopping online can be a challenge when you’re…vertically blessed. If you can call that a “blessing” (I really don’t)! Though it is nice to be able to reach things…I guess. Though I can certainly do without being stared at as though I’m a freak (which is fair because I really am kind of a freak)!

I just went “virtual shopping.” I need at least one more pair of jeans, and at least one more pair of “work pants,” and also a pair of “work shoes.” All of which require buying online rather than just wandering into a store, because…

  • My shoe size is 12 women’s (not easy to find in stores)
  • My inseam is 36 inches

The good thing is the company for which I work  offers “tall” size options for women – and size 12 shoes for women (online only – not in stores), plus I get an extra discount.  I’m not revealing the name of the company for which I work on here, because of a “privacy agreement” thing I signed a while back and I don’t want to take any chances that my revealing information here would violate that policy. If you do want to know what company this is, indicate so in the comments and give me an e-mail address to message you back. Anyhow…

Last year, I ordered a pair of dress pants that just didn’t fit, so I brought them back. Try again, ordered another pair that fit great – but they had NO POCKETS. Had to send those back too (a gal’s gotta have pockets – where else am I gonna stuff used snotrags until I can put them in the trash or else I forget they’re there and they get invariably turned into little paper bombs in the washing machine?). So I figured if I ordered TWO pairs at least one of them would work – ideally both? Nope, one of them was not even the same size as the other (even though they were both technically the same size). So I had at least one pair of dress pants, which has been what I’ve been dealing with all year. It makes laundry a bit of a challenge!

Good news is – unless I need long sleeves – I can buy most of my tops/shirts off the rack. No special orders needed! Even with some long sleeves I can get away with three-quarter sleeves or shove ’em up my arm.

Today, I ordered three different pairs of “work pants” – in two different sizes, two different brands – though all I need is for one of them to work. Did the same with jeans – ordered two different pairs, two different brands.

The shoes I ordered are a light pink color! Yay, this means my husband won’t be “borrowing” them (our shoe sizes are almost the same his feet are just slightly shorter and narrower). I kind of like to be “girly” with shoes and socks sometimes…

Good news is that the “overkill shopping”  resulted in me getting FREE SHIPPING TO THE HOME! Yes! I can try stuff on at home rather than in the fitting rooms with lighting that makes everyone look like death warmed over (fluorescent lights flatter no one). Also I get to bypass “the line!” Who wants to wait in line at the end of your shift – especially if you’ve been in a store all day (show of hands – I’m not seeing anyone)? The last time I waited in “the line,” not only did another customer try to cut in front of me (ahem – not on my watch), but I wound up having to walk a newbie clerk through the register transaction. It was a rough go, I haven’t been a “register jockey” for quite some time, though I did help him a bit – now he knows how to ring up transactions where you’re using a “store” credit card but don’t have it with you). I tried being as nice to him as I could (it’s not easy learning a new job).

Let’s see how many of the items I bought today actually work out! Oh yes, I also added a pair of leggings to the order (they’re great for taking walks outside in cooler weather). They’re kind of an “autumn green” color! I can wear them with my purple shorts to trivia tournaments!

Coming up? An “inventors” trivia quiz!


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