Uh…It’s The Weekend? Woot?

Another work week, another dollar…

Not terribly  inspired  today, more like a word that rhymes with “inspired.” I know what your  guesses might be…wired? Retired? I wish, though I’d  need more money to do that. Give up? Tired. This week can kiss my grits!

A couple of random things – there is talk of giving  Lobo his own TV series, a local pervert put hidden cameras in public restrooms, it’s  raining  outside and…oh – oh – Cultivate Coffee and Taphouse will be doing an Oktoberfest party Saturday   (they will have $3 pints of Oktoberfest beer)! Usually  I have to rob a convenience  store to be able to pay a bar tab there -$3 is quite a draw!

Also, there was a final  trivia  question  about “little person” actor Warwick Davis last night. Bummer I didn’t  play – I would’ve  known two movies he appeared in – besides sequels, Star Wars and Harry Potter – released in 1993 or earlier.

He played Wicket the Ewok in Return  of the Jedi. I think  he’s  barely 3 feet tall soaking wet. And he’s  the….LEPRECHAUN!

It was the role he was born to play, baby!

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