Trivia Recap – September 24, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

What do YOU think of when you hear the sentence, “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta?” Maybe you think of the 1992 Geto Boys hip-hop song…maybe you think of the 1999 comedy film Office Space, which featured this song – along with a sequence where the main character Peter Gibbons is empowering himself around the office (basically being a white-collar gangsta, as it were).


One of the teams playing at Sticks last night decided to use the name “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.” This nine-person (eight adults plus a toddler) team lived up to their name – and won a first place sweep – taking first in games one and two. The team looked like the cast of a sitcom (you had to be there) – it was very “multicultural.” Few could argue that such an act is pretty “gangsta!” Gangsta is as gangsta does, right?

The closest we came to being “gangstas” in Monday’s game was getting the game one final question right and wagering all 20 points on it – after having made several flubs throughout the game. It wasn’t quite “gangsta” enough of an effort to take a prize in the first game (we were just one spot out of the money zone). Game two – however – was a different story! This was our chance to be “gangstas,” in our own way! We didn’t get any street cred for getting the final question correct about concert tours (with the added whammy of having been a country music concert tour) – but wagering zero on it and taking second was just a little bit “gangsta!” Any prize money is certainly better than none!

And here are the questions…assume they will be reasonable facsimiles of/abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked during the game, assume they may not have all been written down word for word, and assume that there may be additional qualifiers for some of the questions that were not written down. Now let’s go to last night’s trivia game!

Game One

1. World Leaders – Since 2013, Xi Jinping has served as president of what country?

2. Games – Audio clip of 2012 episode of a TV series, had to ID the series (rock paper scissors was the game being played in the clip).

3. Sports – What sport was not part of the official Olympic games at any time? Croquet, log rolling, pigeon shooting or solo synchronized swimming? Miss.

4. 1950s Music – What is the combined number of eyes and horns of the title character in the Sheb Wooley song The Purple People Eater?

5. Novels – What psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins that spent 13 weeks atop the New York Times Bestseller List featured women named Rachel and Megan (and one other woman whose name I didn’t write down)? Miss, we put Bird Box.

6. Tests – Except for a period from 2005 to 2016 when the maximum score increaed by 50 percent, what has been the highest possible score on the SAT? Miss. We’re flunking this test!

7. Actors- Tom Hanks has been nominated for the Academy Award for best actor five times, winning for Forrest Gump and Philadelphia. Name two of the three films for which he was nominated but did not win – three for a bonus point. Got two but not three, no bonus point.

8. Food – Tripe is made from which animal organ? Miss, fourth miss of the game (won’t be our last)!

9. Chess – In a standard algebraic chess notation, on which alphanumeric square does the black queen begin the game? Thank you Brad for knowing this (even if you knowing this qualifies you as being a total nerd)!

10. Populous Cities – What populous city located on the banks of the Ohio River is named for a Roman dictator? We discussed the right guy, but thought the name sounded too “Native American.” Miss.

Mystery – Initials – Long Running TV

The answers to the following clues will be initials of long-running TV series (airing 10 or more seasons).

M1 – Singer who released the 2019 album Lover

M2 – French impressionist painter of water lillies and haystacks

M3 – Actress playing Dana Scully on The X-Files

M4 – Retired governor of Vermont and U.S. presidential candidate in 2004 best known for his scream during a speech following the Iowa caucus

Missed #1.

Scores – Seven teams, scores 29 to 56, with Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta in first. We weren’t quite “gangsta” in this round – we were in fifth with 45 points.

Final Category – U.S. Government

In addition to the cabinet-level positions of CIA Director and EPA Administrator, seven different U.S. Cabinet departments have had two Senate-confirmed Secretaries under D. Trump, including the State, Defense, and Justice depts. Name 1 of the other 4.

Final Scores: Bone Crushers, 66 (moved up from fourth), and DIFGTBAG, 76.

Game Two

1. Uniforms – Since 1915, which MLB team has used a home uniform that is white with pinstripes?

2. Flags – The band at the top of the flag of India is what color that shares its name with a spice derived from the crocus?

3. Movie Voices – What 2013 movie features the voice of Scarlett Johansson even though she is never seen in the film?

4. Elements – Name either chemical element that is at least partially named for a woman – two for a bonus point. Got one but not both.

5. Bands from Liverpool – What band’s highest-charting singles were Back Here, Still On Your side and Out of My Heart (Into Your Head)? This would be our only miss of this round (besides the nerd point in the previous question).

6. 19th Century Literature – What 1850 Nathaniel Hawthorne novel is his best selling book?

7. Musicals – Prior to its dbut in 1966, what musical was primarily set at the Kit Kat Klub but changed its name to Welcome to Berlin -and later – its current name? FB clue.


Abe Simpson in a spoof of the movie mentioned above…

8. Logos – The logo for Amnesty International features what item surrounded by barbed wire? Ours was the only team getting this correct. Funny, I heard the Police song Invisible Sun Monday morning on my way to work- that song was played in a 1986 concert tour for Amnesty International (hey this is proof I know SOME things about concert tours even though the country music final question in game two will elude us)!

Some cool lyrics from the song:

And they’re only going to change this place
By killing everybody in the human race
They would kill me for a cigarette
But I don’t even wanna die just yet

9. Senators – What Republican senator from Wisconsin asserted in a 1950 speech that he had a list of members of the Communist Party who were employed by the state department?

10. TV Settings – Orbit City is the hometown of what TV title family introduced in 1962?

Visual Mystery –


Got all of these.

Scores – Six teams, scores 29 to 62 with us in first. Don’t worry – we won’t be quite “gangsta” enough to know the final question answer!

The highest-grossing country music tour of all time is the World Tour, which lasted from 2014-17 and featured Garth Brooks co-headlining with what other solo artist?

Three teams got this correct – two of those teams were too far behind to land in the prize zone, but DIFGTBAG moved up from third and got first with 69 points (now THAT’s a gangsta score by anyone’s definition)! We finished in second with 62 points.

We’re playing at The Owl in Milan Wednesday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Joe McCarthy!


One thought on “Trivia Recap – September 24, 2019 – Sticks (Monday)

  1. game one:
    1. china
    2. big bang theory
    3. log rolling
    4. 2
    5. girl on a train
    6. 1,600
    7. saving private ryan, cast away, big
    8. stomach
    9. d8
    10. cincinnati
    mystery – the simpsons, CSI Miami/Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy and Happy Days
    final answers: interior, vet affairs, HHS, homeland security

    game two
    1. nyy
    2. saffron
    3. her
    4. curium, meitherium
    5. BBMak
    6. scarlet letter
    7. cabaret
    8. candle
    9. mccarthy
    10. jetsons
    mystery – trinidad and tobago, barbados, jamaica, st. kitts and nevis
    final answer: trisha yearwood

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