We Need a Good Trivia Game Tonight!

Even if my team scores just ONE point higher than 147 tonight (our highest score this season Mondays at Sticks) – that will be…something! Unless we log a score lower than 82 tonight, our lowest score of 82 will be erased after tonight. We only have one other score lower than 100 at Sticks – which is 95. So it definitely “behooves” us to have the highest scores as possible in the next seven weeks! I’ve already messaged the other two “amigos” on my team, giving them my best impression of Vince Lombardi – and giving them a “pep talk.” I really do think the players on my team are pretty great – and sometimes they need to hear it! Brad was so impressive remembering the actors in the 1970s version of Papillon – and I loved how quickly Mike came up with the answers Krypton – and T.S. Eliot – in a couple of recent final questions! As for Evan, he’s pretty much the only player who can give us a decent shot at sports final questions (and many other final question topics as well) – and there’s just nothing better than him saying “max points” for answers to questions that would leave us shrugging!

Our highest score of the current season occurred a couple of weeks ago at The Owl, where we logged a score of 152 points. Too bad we’re only playing at The Owl for fun/beer money – it’s not our “for reals” trivia spot!

So…we need to have a good night tonight – and the team trying to nip at our lead needs to have a not so good night! Is that so much to ask, O Trivia Gods? 🙂

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