Trying To “Step” Back Into Good Habits…

Today, I did something after work that I haven’t done in probably about four months or so. I took a post-work walk – it was only about 35 minutes, and only about two miles, but I did it…The breeze was pretty nice – and it was sunny – the church thermometer told me it was 74 degrees.

I have an “on my feet” job. So if I’m going to take a walk after work, it’s best if I do it right away – and not get all relaxed first (once I start sitting I have a tendency to stay that way, lol). So I just changed my clothes, got my mp3 player/sunglasses, phone – and set out. First, I had a cold glass of water with just a little bit of fruit punch mixed in – and I set one glass aside “for later!” I used one of our stainless steel camping “glasses,” filled it with water (and a dash of fruit punch) and put it in the freezer.

Man…was THAT nice when I got back! If I were in a Nestea commercial, I’d say this after drinking it:

That’s brisk, baby!

I’m not really keen on going out for walks when it’s hotter than say…78 degrees. I already “sweat to the oldies” at work enough – especially in the summer – when there is no climate control in the room I spend most of my shifts – and it gets really muggy/hot – making it necessary to turn on the wall-mounted industrial strength fans on full blast to keep me from melting. I am a witch, after all (JK, JK…I am not a witch…I am not a witch….I am not a witch)! Keeping the fans going keeps me from having to say this:



I’m not exactly motivated to go break a sweat taking a walk when it’s in the upper 80s outside after getting all sweaty/dirty at work! Sorry, but I “gave at the office.”

So I’m not a fan of super warm weather – and I’ll likely deck any smart asses who ask me:

Hot enough for ya?

I’m actually looking forward to cooler weather! I’ve gone outside to take walks when it’s single digits outside. I handle cold pretty well – and it’s kind of fun getting “bundled up!

I’m going to do my best to stick to a walking “routine” again…weather permitting!

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