Random Thoughts About…Toddlers

I was in a public restroom at a museum  in Ann Arbor, MI today, which is not really newsworthy  in and of itself. What was noteworthy was the babbling  of a toddler girl a couple  of stalls down.

Let’s  pause for a bit, shall we? Toddlers are both terrifying – and fascinating to me. One of my most recent interactions  with a toddler involved a 2 year old girl in 2017, whom was a tad bit  younger than 2, which would make her  like Cindy Lou Who, whom also was not more than 2. She even looked like Cindy Lou Who from How The  Grinch Stole Christmas. I had “lent” her one of my rubber  finger  tentacles to play  with, and though her older brother gave  his back when asked – she threatened  to “turn  on  the  waterworks.” So I let her keep it, her daddy said later  she didn’t  want to give  it up. Another cultist for Cthulhu, lol? Pick your battles, I say… I would  end up buying  a pink finger tentacle as a replacement  a short time later  that I KNOW this little girl  would want that one more  than a green one.



Fast forward  to today, shall we? Toddlers have always  been both fascinating  and terrifying  to me. They’re  fascinating  in that they tend to have no filters, and terrifying  in that they’re  “quasi humans.” Case in  point the dialogue uttered  by the toddler girl in the public restroom today:

My butt, my butt…I’m  doing pee so I have to do it this way.

One of those  cases  where I was curious to learn more, but also…terrified.

Glad  I never became a mommy! 😂

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