Kind Of Makes Me Wish I Played Thursday…Wait, I Did!

I couldn’t  help but  notice that one of the trivia teams my team used to play against fairly regularly  has been on a….hot streak! Two 160-plus points games in a row (nicely  done)! Fist bump to ya!

I sadly would have known  the final question  in game two about  a “mixed” family  that aired  1991 to 1998. I never watched  the series, but I know who the two stars are – and more importantly, know that the female star used to whore herself  out not only on Three’s Company and later, Thighmaster!

I’m  cheering  on this team…but  only because my team isn’t  trying  to “win” that bar! I do want to visit the bar again  sometime, but it’s  difficult  because my husband won’t  play here and we only have one car.

It’s  especially  nice when you go out and have a great game the night after (or same day) as having a crappy one. This is something  I’ve  done too many times to count. I like to call it “hitting  the reset button.”

Our  game Wednesday  wasn’t  that great – only 89 points. Thursday  I hit the “reset button” by winning the top prize in a music trivia  game.

Sigh…I just wish this bar allowed its certs to be used on booze!😂😃😛😉

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