Face The Music – September 20, 2019 – The Bench Pub (Livonia)

“Gosh, Mrs. Scully, I’m so sorry I’m tardy.”

Me being late for a trivia game is definitely not the norm! I felt compelled to apologize, since the person I was late to meet works as a teacher! I’m usually never late for a trivia game, unless I happen to be coming from another trivia game, in which case it’s an “excused tardy!” Slowed traffic on M-14 and stupid me forgetting which road the Bench Pub was located on (no I don’t use GPS) contributed to my “tardiness” Thursday for a Face The Music Game with Kim at the Bench Pub in Livonia! Also, I’m not as adept at the “Michigan lefts” as I used to be – and all of those roads with the word “mile” in them tend to look alike if you’re not a local, especially when you’re looking into the glaring sun in the west!

Me being late for a trivia game wasn’t even the only odd thing happening in this game! Apparently our bill might not have been high enough (we were trying to use up a gift certificate from our last outing). We wound up giving the $3 plus change we had left over to a couple sitting in the adjacent booth (whom I happen to know).

Despite the pre-game annoyances, we still won a first place/$30 prize and were only stumped by maybe…three questions all night, posting a score of 68 (which is a decent score in the My Trivia Live League – a perfect score is 76 points).

Special thanks to Kim for taking better notes than I do! Assume all of these questions will be very, very abbreviated…

Round One – Stage Names

1. Stage name of performer known as “The Real Slim Shady” and Marshall Mathers

2. Best actress nominee  in 2018 for A Star Is Born, real name Stefani Germanotta

3. Best-selling country music artist of all time, Canadian-born Eileen Edwards

Round Two – Doors

1. Group known for song Lookin’ Out My Back Door

2. Color the door originally is in Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black

3. Lead singer of The Doors – bonus three points – what word did producers want changed in the song Light My Fire to appease censors?

Perfect game so far…got the bonus.

Round Three – Bang the Drum All Day

1. English drummer for Def Leppard

2. Former Genesis drummer who began a solo career in 1981

3. Female drummer and Prince protegé known for the hit song Glamorous Life


Can you name the woman in this photo – whom was one of many artists to have been helped in their careers by Prince?

Halftime – Working People

Given the song title and release year, identify the singer/band.

H1 – 1982, Workin’ for a Livin’

H2 – 1978, Blue Collar Man

H3 – 1987, Just Got Paid, It’s Friday

M4 – 1977, Take This Job and Shove It


EVERY SINGLE TIME we get a trivia question about the band from the previous question I think of this scene in the 2000 movie American Psycho. Some of you trivia players might already know that Christian Bale based his performance on real-life actor Tom Cruise, whom he described as having “intense friendliness but nothing behind the eyes.” Tom Cruise is also mentioned in the novel American Psycho – Patrick Bateman (whose character is pictured) incorrectly calls Tom Cruise’s movie Bartender instead of Cocktail. I can kind of see a Ted Bundy-ness about Patrick Bateman’s character, too…

Missed #3 (Kim was close on her guess though). I got #2 because of a musical “clue” – the host was playing a song by the same artist, and I recognized the lead singer’s voice.

Thirty-six points going into the second half, we were tied for first with Catch 22 – we were using the name More Music Less Pants.

Round Four – Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame

1. Ohio city in which the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame is located

2. One of two artists selected by museum curator James Henke on his list of “500 Songs That Shaped Rock ‘n Roll” to have eight or more songs on the list

3. First hip-hop group to be inducted into the Hall of Fame

Got all of these, were assisted by a musical “clue” that Kim latched onto for #3.

Round Five – Around the House

1. Group performing Brick House (one of those songs I wish was about me, LOL)

2. Girl group formed by Rick James in 1984 who had a hit called In My House

3. Miranda Lambert hit from 2009 (sorry don’t have more info here)

Missed #3.

Round Six – Initials

1. What do the letters PYT stand for in the 1982 Michael Jackson song from Thriller

2. Meaning of the  letters DMSR in song from 1999 album by Prince

3. Dance band performing YMCA in 1978

Missed #3 (we kind of hung our heads in shame for missing a question about Prince)!

We were ahead of the herd with 68 points out of eight teams going into the final, with What Happened right behind us with 64.

Final Category – Madonna

What song from the album Like a Virgin, which was also used in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan, could not chart in the U.S. because it was technically a “B-side” for another song from the album?

Came up with right answer right away, but discussed our options to make sure we weren’t “underthinking.”

We were the only team getting this correct, won first place/$30.

We won’t be able to play the “Face the Music” games here every week, but we’ll try to “tune in” when we get a chance! The next ‘Pods trivia outing is Monday at Sticks. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mr. Roboto (whom was not asked about but the band who did this song was asked about).



One thought on “Face The Music – September 20, 2019 – The Bench Pub (Livonia)

  1. round one – eminem, lady gaga, shania twain

    round two – CCR, red, jim morrison, higher

    round three – def leppard, sheila e, phil collins

    halftime – huey lewis and the news, styx, johnny kemp, johnny paycheck

    round four – cleveland, beatles/rolling stones, grandmaster flash

    round five – commodores, mary jane girls, won’t take nothin’ but a memory

    round six – pretty young thing, dance, music, sex romance, village people

    final answer: into the groove

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