Trivia Recap – September 19, 2019 – The Owl

We returned to the trivia scene at The Owl in Milan Wednesday after a four-week absence. It’s a little sad to see the “summer” beers leave the menu and be replaced by porters, stouts, Octoberfests and even a pumpkin spiced beer (ewwww)! Not wanting to drink any of these styles, Mike and I opted for the “Cherry Chuckle” cider by Vandermill, which was…nicely tart – and very tasty! It was just tart enough to keep us from chugging it too fast (that and the 6.9 percent ABV). Yep, this was a “sipper,” all right!

Now don’t get me wrong! I love a good Octoberfest beer, but it’s much more enjoyable if there are men dancing in lederhosen, women wearing the “frau” outfits, maybe some polka music playing, and some spaetzle noodles to chow down on (time and place for everything)! Speaking of, some Oktoberfest parties may be going on this weekend!

Oh yeah, about the trivia game! For the second time in the past couple of weeks, we wound up in a tie for first for the night, but with only 89 points. Those final questions were stumpers for players at our bar! We won a $10 gift card for second place in game one and also for game two (after winning a tiebreaker in game two).

And here are the questions…assume they will be reasonable facsimiles of/abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked during the game, assume they may not have all been written down word for word, and assume that there may be additional qualifiers for some of the questions that were not written down. Now let’s go to last night’s trivia game!

Game One

1. Cities – What was the name of the first permanent settlement of the U.S., which was founded on the banks of a river named after the king that gave the city the name?


Me and the river mentioned above. Please pardon my frizzy hair – the humidity was UNSTOPPABLE during this time because of a hurricane churning south of us!

2. Authors – Alex Cross is a former FBI agent and psychologist who has appeared in more than two dozen books written by what author?

3. TV Hosts – Name either reality competition series hosted by Gordon Ramsay which has aired at least 10 seasons – both for a bonus point. Got one, missed the bonus.

4. Designers – What fashion designer worked under Christian Dior when he was 18 and later founded his own label in 1961? All teams missed this…

5. Actresses – What actress won an Academy Award nomination for her title role in the 2007 film Juno?

6. Rappers- Audio clip of a recent rap song, had to ID the artist.

7. NHL Teams – What other NHL team plays its home games closest to those played by the Montreal Canadiens? Miss.

8. Words  – What is the plural term for a brother in law? We were worried this might be a “trick” question, but nope…

9. Africa – Harare is the capital of what landlocked country in southern Africa bordering South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique?

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 00.09.44.png

Poor Bugs Bunny thinks he’s having a hot bath – but he’s really doing something to keep himself on!

10. Cooking – What is the name for the cooking action involving pouring juices over meat during cooking to keep it moist?

Mystery – Before and After

M1 – group of large extinct reptiles and title character in The Lord of the Rings

M2 – Singular NHL franchise in Florida and physics branch pertaining to mechanical action or relations of heat

M3 – Godfather author and brand name of SSRI Sertaline

M4 – Largest of Central American countries and third largest of Central American countries

Missed #4. The country we “thought” was Central America…isn’t.

Scores – Six teams, scores 27 to 61 with More Beer Less Pants in first. We were in second with 53 points (losing five on that NHL question hurt worse than a flying hockey puck into the eye socket…well, not really).

Final Category – Quarterbacks

We wanted to wager “something,” but not all of the points, so we wagered just enough for us to get second if MBLP wagered it all and got it, which actually kind of worked – sort of…

There are 34 colleges and universities that were attended by the 32 players who started at quarterback in week one of the 2019 NFL season. Name two of the six schools that more than one of those quarterbacks attended during their college careers.

Evan and I teamed up on this one – he asked for names of NFL teams. We managed to get only one of these correct, no teams got both correct.

The team that wisely wagered zero got first (Scoobaru), and we were behind them with 43.

Game Two

1. Money – What is the 12-letter word to describe the practice of raising small amounts of money from a large group of people, using companies such as Kick Starter and Indiegogo?

2. TV Series – Premiering in 1989, what TV series features the title character as detectives who work alongside Gadget, Monterey Jack and Zipper – whose arch nemeses are Fat Cat and Norton Nimmul? Nope.

3. Rivers – The Colorado River begins at LaPoudre Pass in Northern Colorado and empties into what body of water that is part of the Pacific Ocean?

4. Country Music – A Keith Urban single’s title and lyrics describe everything he needs to know based on three different “Johns.” Name one of those “Johns” – both for a bonus point. Miss.

5. Animals – What is the only animal native to North America that has babies called “Joeys?”

6 Games  – What dart game’s objective is hit the numbers closest to the number 20 – and the bullseye – by hitting each of them three times? This was the FB clue question, and  I know there are more qualifiers to this, but…meh.

7 Mexico – On what date in 1862 did Mexican forces defeat the French in the Battle of Puebla?

8. Subtitles – The subtitle of what classic kids’ book published in 1923 by Austrian writer Felix Salten is A Life in the Woods?

9. Subtitles – What 1993 musical comedy directed by Mel Brooks features Cary Elwes as the title character?

10. Investigations – As part of a global investigation by the FBI and the IRS, what sport saw 14 people indicted as part of a mass corruption case in 2015?

Visual Mystery –


Got all of these.

Final Category – National Parks

Of the 53 U.S. National Parks located outside of Alaska, the four largest, by area, are Death Valley, Yellowstone, Everglades, and Grand Canyon. The next four largest are all located in four different states. Name two of those four National Parks.

We picked two national parks west of the Mississippi, but neither of them were correct. Our “lowish” wager of 11 put us into a tiebreaker with Bald for the Win. We had to decide how many acres large is Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve in Alaska, which is the largest state park by area in the U.S. Our guess was closest even if  was nowhere near the correct answer! So we won the tiebreaker…

Final standings: ‘Pods, 46, ??? (unsure who finished first).

Until next time, which will be a “special engagement” tonight (Face the Music My Trivia Live game in Livonia). As always, Go Pods – and stay classy, Sauron!





One thought on “Trivia Recap – September 19, 2019 – The Owl

  1. game one

    1. jamestown

    2. james patterson

    3. hell’s kitchen, master chef 

    4. Yves St. Laurent

    5. ellen page

    6. post malone

    7. ottawa senators

    8. brothers in law

    9. zimbabwe

    10. basting

    mystery – dinosauron, panthermodynamics, Mario Puzoloft, nicaraguatemala

    final answers:

    Michigan State
    North Carolina State
    Texas Tech

    Game Two

    1. crowdfunding

    2. chip and dale rescue rangers

    3. gulf of california

    4. cougar, deere, 3:16

    5. opossum

    6. cricket

    7. may 5

    8. bambi

    9. men in tights

    10. soccer/football

    mystery – fitzgerald, milhouse, alan, howard

    final answers; 

    Glacier N.P.
    Olympic N.P.
    Big Bend N.P.
    Joshua Tree N.P.

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