How Nice To Be Predators – Instead Of Prey!

In our Monday night  trivia  games, we’ve  been successfully  holding onto first place all season, though  it’s  looking  like it will be a fight  to keep our spot for the remaining  seven  weeks of the season. We are definitely  not accustomed  to being  in this position! Usually  we’re  the ones  on “the attack,” not playing defense… we’ve  always  been at our  best playing like underdogs  – like dark horse contenders – not as “that team that wins all the time.”

Which is why I’m  really  enjoying  the “other” trivia  nights  so much (Wednesday  and Thursday). We’re  playing strictly  for prize money  and for a chance to see how we measure up against  the best. It’s  no fun for me to have to “defend” first place – I’m  in this  for the love of the chase for prizes and the pure  love of the game.

Us not ending up in first for our  Monday  games  won’t  keep us out of semis…but we do want to “claim” this bar as a conquest!


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