Weird Time Machine Fantasy I Have Involving…T.S. Eliot!


Poet T.S. Eliot

What do I have to say about T.S. Eliot? Very, very talented guy! Nobel Prize winner, best known for works including The Waste Land, The Hollow Men and Four Quartets. Aaand…a whole bunch of poems about…cats.

Enter my time machine fantasy! I would go back in time and attempt to meet Mr. Eliot around the time he was writing The Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. I would attempt to distract him from writing these poems – and have him show a bunch of cat videos to his godson instead (he reportedly wrote the cat poems for his godson).

Yes, my motives are purely selfish! When I was 15, I had to take a school field trip to the Fisher Theater in Detroit to watch a stage production of the wildly popular musical Cats. After watching it, I was like…


Pretend this is 15 year old me after watching Cats. Except I’m wearing a stupid dress…and nylons (ugh)!

Cats was a bit light on…plot. Let’s face it – the whole show is based on poems! I don’t know if I’d go as far as erasing this Broadway show from the historical record (though I can dream, can’t I) – because I gotta admit…I kind of like some of the songs from that musical! And because of a T.S. Eliot related trivia question we had in a trivia game Monday night, I had the strains of Mr. Mistoffelees running through my head at work this morning…and Old Deuteronomy. And now as I write this – Macavity (it really is a disease). On a “kind of” related note, I was haunted on a recent camping trip when I just could NOT remember the melody for Peter and the Wolf (did not have any Internets to help me out). Thankfully I remembered the following morning! It’s not uncommon for me to play “name that tune” with myself!

Sigh, OK, you win, T.S. Eliot! Go ahead and write those silly cat poems! I don’t want to live in a world where the song Old Deuteronomy doesn’t exist! And with that, I’ll round out this blog with yet another meme!



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