Don’t Touch My Stuff, Man!

Me and a bunch of my co-workers were in an uproar this morning in the break room. All of the unlocked lockers in the employee locker area had been emptied out – without giving any of us advanced notice!

Apparently I’m not the only one who uses a locked locker to store valuables (purse, etc.) and uses an adjacent unlocked locker for other stuff (maybe a bottle of lotion, a water bottle, utility knife blades, spare stick of deodorant, etc). More than one of my co-workers said their lunch bags were gone – T-shirts, bottles of lotion, water bottles…gone.

Apparently some wires got crossed. The janitors were just doing what they were asked to do – and the person who asked them just forgot to put up notes in advance asking us to clean out our stuff. How would SHE like it if we came into her office and cleaned out her stuff without letting her know first (annoyed sigh)!

I was most upset about the utility knife blades that were taken from my locker! I had a bunch of them in a plastic cup, and a few more in a utility knife blade container. I pay for my own utility knife blades! I bought a 100-pack last June on a good Ace Hardware sale (they cost about $4.99).

2019-06-08 18.38.33

Thankfully, there were some things that didn’t get dumped into the compactor in the first “heat” – so I was able to recover all of my knife blades! And showing my occasional flair for drama, I went into the break room with my blades and exclaimed – with a thumbs up gesture –

Thank the GODS!

Even one of my grumpier co-workers who doesn’t seem to like me very much (feeling is mutual) – smiled at me when I did this!

Moral of the story? Touch my stuff – and I’ll CUT you! Unless, of course, you take my utility knife blades!



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