Maybe I Need To Watch More College Football!

Last night, I was in a bar for a trivia game, and there were also a couple of games on TV – a NFL game, and a college football game featuring the South Carolina Gamecocks and whatever team they were playing against.

And then the Gamecocks’ cheerleaders took the screen…and took my breath away! And they were wearing half shirts! Keep in mind I’m “technically” a straight female – I’ve been married for 22 years to a man. But those cheerleaders were just…pleasing to the eye! I didn’t take any pictures (you can’t use cell phones/tablets during trivia games), so here’s a stock photo:


If I ever get the job of Great Commissioner of All Things Sportsball, my first order of business would be to ensure that cheerleaders get adequate screen time! These men/women work awfully hard on their routines – and let’s face it – sometimes it’s far more exciting to watch what they’re doing than what’s happening on the field. To read more about some of my odd opinions about “sportsball,” check out this blog.

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