A New Ypsilanti Trivia Spot Coming Soon!

The new Bobcat Bonnie’s restaurant/bar coming to downtown Ypsilanti is definitely creating a buzz! The local “chain” of gastropubs are already open and thriving in Wyandotte, Corktown (Detroit) and Ferndale. Ypsilanti will be joining the party soon (October is the rumored opening date).


Interior of Bobcat Bonnie’s in Wyandotte

Bobcat Bonnie’s is listed as a “coming soon” trivia spot 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays. My team will definitely checking out this new trivia “kid” on the block! We haven’t played in any downtown Ypsilanti spots since we used to play at Red Rock Downtown Barbecue. The place quickly lost its appeal for a couple of reasons – for one, the prizes could only be used to purchase food – and two, the 9 p.m. start time.

This could mean that our days of playing trivia games in Milan are numbered. Having another close local spot as opposed to a spot about a 25 minute drive away – it’s a no brainer – the writing is on the wall. It’s a tough call – I do like the drives to Milan (when weather is good)! I’ll definitely be able to get more teammates involved with playing a show closer to home than one in Milan (Mike and Evan are the only players I can count on to play at any shows in Milan). A local show means I can get Brad to come out to games since he can ride his bike (he won’t drive to games). This also opens things up for Joel, who hasn’t shown any interest in driving to games in Milan.

I never like to say never, though! Maybe we won’t like the Bobcat Bonnie’s scene. Maybe they’ll make us spend our prizes on food and won’t let us use them on booze (grumble grumble), maybe we won’t like some of the other teams there, maybe the competition will be too fierce for us to have a chance at winning prizes (which is why we don’t play at the Corner Brewery anymore). Maybe the beer will be too pricey, maybe we won’t like the host. We really can be a fickle bunch!

As for Milan, I do like getting away to a smaller town for an evening (we’ll be coming into Milan Friday night – Sept. 6 – for a Black Jake & The Carnies live music show). I really am kind of a small town girl at heart – even if I couldn’t stand the rednecks in my own hometown – and wouldn’t listen to country music if forced to at gunpoint, wouldn’t go into a honky tonk bar unless I lost a bet, wouldn’t know how to line dance, etc…

What’s the trivia future hold for the ‘Pods? I say it looks pretty wide open! I’m excited to see another spot open up in my town 🙂

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