Camping Trip This Weekend!

I just reserved a camp site for a one-night camping trip this weekend. It’s a local park – only about a 40 minute drive – all we want to do is have a nice camp fire for one night, have some drinks, look at the stars… Let’s get a jump start on fall, shall we? I know it does’t “really” start until later in September – but the weather is cooperating and I WANT FALL NOW, DAMMIT! Here’s a meme that may…or may not – sum up fall!



The original plan was to do a three-night trip – possibly “Up North.” Lots of prime camp sites are booked up – possibly because folks are making a whole week’s vacation out of the week  after Labor Day. We decided to scale the trip back for financial reasons, too (plus we are doing a three-night cabin trip in the month of October). It’s OK – I put a work day back on the schedule for Thursday (I was going to be off but will be going in to work – meh- I need the money and it’s been busy at work).

Here’s another photo – which involves me goofing off in an “autumn” setting…


Greenfield Village, October, 2017. You’ll need a diamond tipped chainsaw to carve that pumpkin!

Usually it’s a two-night minimum when we camp – so this will be a first! Except for that ill-fated trip we took last summer which I will never, ever speak of again (grumble grumble)…

I’m actually looking forward to this “minimalist” adventure! Don’t need to bring a lot of food – we can grab Subway on our way out there – and some coffee at Biggby on our way out of there the next day. I don’t think it’s much of a “vacation” if I’m doing dishes using water I pulled out of a pump! A little one-night party with nature…that’s all we need!

Should be a good time – a fun way to say “goodbye” to summer – and “hello” to fall! Ah, fall which is truly the most wonderful time of the year!

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