A “Rerun” From About Four Years Ago…

Hey readers. Here’s a trivia recap from “approximately” four years ago, when I brought some members of my own trivia team – and my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law and niece (whom would have been about 14 at the time). It was a very nice night for our team, with us winning two first place/$25 gift cards! Sadly, the place we won these prizes does not offer trivia on Sundays anymore (Arbor Brewing Company Brewpub).

After we started playing there, the restaurant underwent a renovation, which kind of “opened up” what used to be a relatively closed off area that was used for trivia. I did NOT like the changes that resulted, which meant beer hall style tables with benches (where do I put my coat…) and hearing more noise from the restaurant area. Also, menu prices went way, way up!

Side note about this place, it’s rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a police officer whom was killed in the line of duty during the 1930s. Read more about that here.


Officer Clifford Stang

Rumor has it that ABC is haunted by the ghost of Clifford Stang. On March 21, 1935, Ann Arbor police office Clifford Stang stumbled upon a robbery at the Conlin and Weatherbee Clothing Store, located in the east section of the present-day ABC. Stang was disarmed but fought with the two robbers before being fatally shot in the stomach. Officer Stang died in the store without uttering a word. Over the years, there have been several sightings of a man walking along the windows that separate the bar from the dining room.

Is there really a ghost here? Uh, maybe! Once, during a trivia game here, my husband was poked hard in the side during the game WHEN NO ONE WAS SITTING NEXT TO HIM. Also some of my trivia notes went missing during a game here (my joke was that the ghost stole them). I’ve talked to several different staff members at this restaurant/bar whom have experienced “chilling” things that are difficult to explain logically – one of them said they were always nervous about being there at closing time.

Aside from having a trivia game answer mysteriously be “placed” into my head during a game here (it was a semifinal game and the answer that floated into my head was “Prokoviev”), I haven’t witnessed anything ghostly personally at this bar. To this day I think this answer was whispered to me by an unseen force (but can’t prove that, of course). But you can BET I’ll never forget the name of the composer for Peter and the Wolf! I’d like to think that the ghost “spotted” me that answer!


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