Good Night Everyone!

I’m¬† down for the count. I’m¬† gonna¬† try¬† watching¬† an adaptation¬† of Snow White with Sigourney¬† Weaver¬† as the witch – on demand. I’m¬† not expecting¬† too much! My husband plans to watch¬† some of “the game” with Brad¬† at the bar. Zero interest¬† in watching¬† U OF M battling¬† some Tennessee¬† team I’ve¬† never¬† heard of. And I’ve¬† had more than my fill of socializing, mourning, and consoling¬† others – I think¬† I’ve exceeded¬† my hug quota for the day.

My cup¬† runneth¬† over. And the couch said it misses my ass…


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