Oh No! Valerie Harper (aka Rhoda) Is Dead!

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Valerie Harper, whom might be best known to some older baby boomer/Gen X folks as “Rhoda” on the Mary Tyler Moore Show – as being dead as of tonight.

Because I’m a Gen-X gal, my main experience with Rhoda, (played by the very talented actress Valerie Harper) is with the movie Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. In which movie the two female leads – Lisa Kudrow – and Mira Sorvino – joke about which one is the “Mary” (aka Mary Tyler Moore) – and which one is the “Rhoda” (aka Valerie Harper).


I want to go on record as saying I’ve always identified as a “Rhoda!” I’m quirky, I’m not pretty, I’m unconventional…I’m more of a “Rhoda” than a “Mary!” Although I did work as a journalist for about 10 years, which would put me in the “Mary” camp!

Still, I’m a “Rhoda” through and through! RIP Valerie Harper, aka “Rhoda!” I’m proud to be a fellow “Rhoda!”

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