Trivia Recap – ’90s Music Theme Night – August 27, 2019 – Grand Tavern (Livonia)

I “sat in” with fellow league team Sparty On for a ’90s music theme trivia night Sunday evening at the Grand Tavern in Livonia’s Laurel Park shopping center. It looked a bit “familiar” in there to me – as well it should, since Max & Erma’s used to be in the same spot. Though the decor is different, the layout is essentially the same. I even remembered “about” where we sat when we won a “superheroes” theme night at Max & Erma’s in 2013 (over by the windows looking into the mall).

Sadly, a trivia victory eluded us Sunday evening! We came SO close to putting down all of the correct answers we needed on our slip for the final question, but it just was not to be…

Still, there’s nothing quite like a music trivia night to make everyone reflect upon what we were doing when we were in college, starting our first jobs, dating people we would eventually marry, etc. Some of my memories turned to a spring break trip I took to Toronto in 1990 – when I was a senior in high school. I bought a cassette copy of an album that was asked about in the game (more about that in a bit)!

It’s always a little odd being transplanted right in the middle of someone else’s trivia team! You start to feel a bit like Dorothy when she was blown away from her home – even if Dorothy did have a great time dancing and singing along the Yellow Brick Road with the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. Sigh…there really is no place like your trivial “home!”

I did have a good time with the “Spartans” (thanks for having me, guys – sorry ’90s music isn’t my strongest suit)! We all had our little roles to play in the “trivia production” – Kim was the undisputed “star” – our star quarterback, hands down our most knowledgeable person sitting at the table when it came to ’90s music. Who knew about the two similarly named female artists with a song by the same name? She did! The rest of us did our part to help out however we could – though the opportunities to know answers – that Kim didn’t already know – were few and far between! Good team effort overall…

All of these questions will be abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked. They weren’t presented on screen via PowerPoint, and all of us (including me) spent more effort trying to answer these – than writing them down word for word. I’ll do my best to use the Internets to fill in any information that my notes lack…

Game One

1. One-Hit Wonders – In 2002, what partially Spanish language dance song released in 1993 was named VH-1’s greatest One Hit Wonder song of all time?

2. Many Hit Wonders – With 14 number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, what artist had the most number one hits in the 1990s – by a wide margin?

3. Songwriters – What singer/songwriter wrote Nothing Compares 2U for a group called The Family before it became a hit for Sinéad O’Connor in 1990? Yay I got to take the ball from the quarterback (LOL)!

4. Country Covers – In 1998, Mark Chesnutt covered what Aerosmith song, which hit #1 in September that same year?


5. Music Videos – What is the name of the song/video featuring Lisa Loeb (pictured above) and a single cat on a chair? Bonus point, what actor directed this video? Missed the bonus.

6. Festivals – What music festival was founded by Sarah McLachlan in 1997? Question is abbreviated…

7. Not Explicit – What artist is sampled in the Coolio song Gangster’s Paradise?

8. Athletes in Music – In 1992, what athlete is mentioned in a LL Cool J song which won him a Grammy for best solo performance?

9. Lyrics – In the song This is How We Do It, what night is it – and where is the party?

10. Best Selling Artists – Who is the best selling album artist according to the Recording Industry Association of America – surpassing Elvis? I know I don’t have every single question qualifier here. We briefly discussed the right person, but…miss.

Mystery – Anagrams –

The following anagrams, when unscrambled, will be names of “one-hit wonder” artists.

M1 – Candy Royal Grump

M2 – Head First Grid

M3 – Deer Gravy Hen

M4 – Banjo Sooner

Missed #3 and #4.

We were in second heading into game two with 56 points playing under the name You Oughta Know You Can’t Touch This. Minocracy was in first with 62.

Game Two


Poor, poor Will Smith – will he ever live down making this movie?

1. Awards – What song by Will Smith hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also won a Golden Raspberry Award for worst original song? Miss.

2. Country Lyrics – According to the lyrics of Achy Breaky Heart, where do you tell your mom you moved to?

3. What two similarly named artists had hits in 1993 and 1997 respectively with Show Me Love?

4. Music Lyrics – What Foo Fighters music video resembled a Mento’s commercial?

5. Song Samples – What is the title of the 1990 song that hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and heavily sampled a 1984 Prince song? Yay, I managed to get the football again (LOL)! And this will be the first of a couple of questions that thankfully had ’80s music tie-ins (which greatly helped me since ’90s music isn’t my strongest category).

6. More Samples – What song spent 11 weeks at the top of the charts and won a Grammy for best performance by a duo or group – and samples a song by The Police? Yep, another ’80s music tie in (thank the trivia gods)! This was a team effort though – I can’t claim solo credit for this one (I just knew the Police song).

7. Education – Dexter Holland managed to receive his degree in 2017 in molecular biology after taking a break to front what punk band? Miss.

8. That’s What I Call Trivia – What solo artist’s song appears as the first track – Together Again – on a compilation CD released in 1998 called “That’s What I Call Music?” Miss, though we considered the right person 😦

9. Same Name – Deep Blue Something had a song sharing a title with what Audrey Hepburn movie?

10. Same Letter – What band hit the top 10 on the charts with a 12-letter song that had just one letter in the title?

Mystery – Album Titles

Given the songs listed, ID the album.

M1 – Creep, Red Light Special, Waterfalls

M2  – Juicy, Big Papa (sp?), One More Chance

M3 – Roses Are Red, My Oh My, Barbie Girl

M4 – It’s All Been Done, One Week, Alcohol (I am not sure whether I have this song title correct or not)

We were in third with 105 points out of 12 teams going into the final. Minocracy was in first with 138, and Monica and the Lewinskys were in second with 119.

Final Category – Oscar Performers

Seven music artists performed on soundtrack recordings nominated for best original song for two different films released in the 1990s. Name three of those seven artists.

Came up with two, and almost…almost had TWO DIFFERENT CORRECT ONES for our third, but nope, it was not to be. I think I’m bad luck on theme trivia teams! So far I’m zero for…five in 2019 for winning prizes in theme nights? Maybe it’s best if I take a break from the theme trivia nights for a bit? 🙂

I’ll be back at it with my own team tonight at Sticks!

Also, a little spoiler – I’m going to be working on my own ’90s music question set that I would ace – or at least do really well on! Maybe I need to re-assure myself that I didn’t hate all music in the 1990s, I just wasn’t into the whole “pop” scene. I’ll be sharing those questions here when they’re done!



3 thoughts on “Trivia Recap – ’90s Music Theme Night – August 27, 2019 – Grand Tavern (Livonia)

  1. Game One

    1. Macarena

    2. mariah carey

    3. prince

    4. don’t want to miss a thing

    5. stay, ethan hawke

    6. lilith fair

    7.stevie wonder

    8. muhamad ali

    9. Friday, west side

    10. garth brooks

    mystery – marcy playground, right said fred, harvey danger, joan osborn

    Game two

    1. wild wild west

    2. arkansas

    3. robin, robyn s

    4. big me

    5. prince

    6. i’ll be missing you

    7. offspring

    8. janet jackson

    9. breakfast at tiffany’s

    10. crash test dummies

    mystery – crazy sexy cool, ready to die, aquarium, stunt

    final answers: bryan adams, randy newman, celine dion, harry connick jr., madonna, whitney houston, bruce springsteen, peabo bryson

    1. I didn’t contribute too much in this game, it was pretty much all Kim! Her musical tastes more “mainstream” than mine. Though she did kick herself for not knowing the album that Waterfalls was on (she’s a big TLC fan).

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