LOST RECAP – MTL Trivia Game – Canton Liberty Fest (June, 2017)

Editor’s note: I recently “found” this recap of a “festival” trivia game three of us played in June, 2017 at the Canton Liberty Fest. I determined that the questions were way too easy for the folks who typically follow my trivia team’s Facebook page, so I “rewrote” every question to make them hard enough for AP trivia junkies. Enjoy my lame attempt at “creative trivia question rewriting!” 

Three of us – a couple of ‘Pods and a team member from Sparty On – visited the Canton Liberty Fest Saturday to see what the My Trivia Live scene would be like. We (Kimberly, Mike and I) were especially intrigued since it was supposed to take place in a beer tent. What’s not to like about drinking in a beer tent? No pesky glare, sexy plastic cups, wooden banquet tables, folding chairs, and of course, beer. Liberty Street Brewing Co in Plymouth provided the beer for this festival, and the selections didn’t disappoint! They had a blonde lager, which was a perfectly serviceable “beer flavored beer” for those who don’t like their beers to make a lot of “noise,” if you will. They had an easy-drinking summery beer called “clementine lemon thyme,” and a “steamy windows” beer, which is similar to the “steam” beer made by Anchor Brewing in California. This one is one of my favorites, it’s right in the middle of the IBU road – not too bitter, not too “easy.” They also had a hard cider for the gluten-free crowd, or anyone who just prefers to drink anything but beer. I honestly did not pay attention to what all of the selections were, but my husband Mike picked some kind of honey lager thing with a pretty heavy ABV that he enjoyed. Enough about beer, right? So we met up to check out the trivia game that was supposed to happen, which in this case was hosted by host Devin.

Here’s the kicker- the questions that were asked during this trivia night were understandably of the very “pedestrian” variety, since it was a public event. Whose image appears on a U.S. quarter? What fast-food company used the “Where’s The Beef” slogan? The followers of this page tend to be the more hard-core trivia aficionados, so I will not disappoint you! As a special treat, I will “rewrite” all of the questions that were asked with similar – but much more difficult ones. The only exceptions will be the two regular round questions that we missed, I will leave those alone. And I will provide some kind of “halftime” round, since there was no halftime round used last night. The only prizes given out were randomly drawn door prizes, such as tickets for free beer (we won a couple of those), McDonald’s gift certificates, bags of popcorn, etc. Though this is not the “level” of trivia to which we are accustomed to playing, we still had a good time on a breezy (though sultry) afternoon and enjoyed the conversations quite a bit. And festivals are great for, if nothing else, a chance to people-watch! Mike probably had a little too much fun with the “people watching” (ahem). And here are “the questions!” Again, most of these are not the actual questions that were asked, but “redux” versions catered to a more “advanced” trivia crowd!

Round One

1. Mascots – Within five, in what year was the “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” campaign, which featured Smokey the Bear, launched?

2. Human Anatomy – What is one of the two more common names for the body part, which in Latin is called the Prominentia laryngea?

3. Scientists – Who was born first – Copernicus – or Isaac Newton? This is the same as the question that was asked…

Round Two

1. Money – Whose image appears on a $50 bill?

2. Movies – What 2013 film featured two rogue police officers who attempted to take down gangster Mickey Cohen? This question is the same as the one that was asked, we missed this one.

3. Music – In 2017, the members of what progressive rock band, best known for hits such as “Roundabout” and “Owner of a Lonely Heart” were inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame? For an extra three-point bonus, name at least one member of that band.

Round Three

1. Disney – In the 1994 film “The Lion King,” what Academy Award-winning actor provides the voice of “Scar?”

2. Corporations – What technology company’s corporate headquarters is located in Mountain View, California near San Jose? This company was founded Sept. 4, 1998.

3. Actors – What actor plays the character Dominic Cobb in the 2010 film “Inception?” This is the same as the question that was asked.

Halftime – Besides Madagascar, name four of the five “island” nations located off the coasts of Africa.

Scores – No scores were recorded or read aloud!

Round Four

1. Geography – What is the name of the “happy” sounding road that divides Plymouth and Canton?

2. Cartoons – Though uncredited because of Mel Blanc’s Warner Brothers contract, voice actor Arthur Q. Bryan created and supplied the voice of what Looney Tunes character, who was primarily known as an antagonist of Bugs Bunny?

3. Begins with T – What is the 11-letter word for the pasta variety beginning with the letter “T” which resembles long, flat ribbons and is similar to fettucine? Gotta love those pasta questions that show up in trivia games from time to time, right? 

Round Five

1. Mythical Creatures – What creature from Slavic folklore shares its name with a Pontiac car model which was available from 1967 to 2002, and was designed as a pony car to compete with the Ford Mustang?

2. SCIENCE! – What radioactive element, which is silvery-white in color, is identified by its atomic number 92?

3. Geography – The Yellow Sea lies between China and what other country? This is the same as the question that was asked, we missed it.

Round Six
The first two questions we had were festival-specific. One of them asked how many poles were holding up the beer tent. Now, now, no dirty jokes people!  The other asked what types of boats were used for rental in the Liberty Fest pond. So, I will make up a couple of others…

1. Tents – What brand name of tents, sold by Sears, is named for a famous Everest mountaineer?

2. Boats – What is the name for a type of sailing ship used by the ancient Chinese, and still in use today?

3. Fast Food – What was the name of the pig-tailed female McDonald’s character used beginning in 1980 to help advertise its breakfast menu?

Final Category – TV Sitcoms

What is the name of Sheldon’s fraternal twin sister on “The Big Bang Theory?” This is similar to the question that was asked, but a bit more difficult. Even though we missed the one that was asked, because none of us watch that show…
Well that’s all for now, folks! We will be re-visiting a former trivia “haunt” tonight! Yes, we will be throwing our hats in the mix at the YpsiAlehouse for its trivia scene in what is likely to be a one-time only engagement! Go Pods, and stay classy, all of you ride operators at the Liberty Fest!

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