“Halftime Report” – Sporcle Live Summer/Fall Season (2019)

After 10 weeks, we’re about halfway through the 21-week Summer/Fall 2019 Sporcle Live trivia season. My team has been waging trivia battle on two different nights a week on most weeks – Mondays, we play at Sticks, and we also play either Wednesday at The Owl in Milan or Thursday at Sticks (Sticks now offers two trivia nights a week).

We’ve won $280 in prizes since the season began in mid June (including $20 at one My Trivia Live game we played June 25). I’m hoping that we will, at the end, win a “first pick” tournament spot by finishing first at Sticks for its Monday night games. Competition is heating up there, though! I don’t like to assume anything when it comes to trivia battle (take nothing for granted). Teams that finish in first at their bars get “first pick” at what semifinal spots they get to play. My teammates still seem to like the idea of playing in semifinals/finals when the stars are right – even if we have just a 50/50 chance of making it! I know there are plenty of teams out there whom are much, much better than us when it comes to trivia. Some of them we’ve been going toe to toe against this season (it keeps us on our toes and keeps things interesting). I’m particularly enjoying the occasional trivia nights at The Owl – it’s such a chill spot – and I get to see “Mr. Marshmallow” next door!



The important thing is we’re having a good time! We’re winning just enough prize money to keep us from getting too discouraged, and we have a mix of players whom are in it for the love of the game (and the love of beer). My husband may claim that he “hates trivia,” but he still enjoys hanging out with positive-minded folks on our trivia nights and especially loves it when he’s paying for fewer drinks!

We’re pretty much down to just 3-4 “regulars” with Mike, Brad and myself holding down the fort Monday nights at Sticks – and Mike, Evan and I playing on the “other” nights. “Part timers” Dave and Joel occasionally step in to play, too.

Thursday, we’ll be mixing it up a bit! I’ll be doing a “Face the Music” game in Livonia with Kim. These “name that tune” style games were stopped a few months ago which made us both very, very sad! I hope they’re more successful on this next try!

I’ll be joining Mike and Evan at Sticks afterwards…hopefully they won’t have too many questions that they will “need” me for!

My “that’s my jam” shirt is clean – so I’ll be able to wear that on Thursday! Yes, I know it’s silly…but I try to wear it any “name that tune” nights I attend.


This tank top has a fraternal twin! The other one is grey with an avocado and reads, “Don’t make this guacward.” #yesiamadork #punsarethelowestformofhumor

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