OK, so my “go big  or go home” wagering  strategy  failed tonight. But I know in light  of certain…  words I spoke Friday night  when I saw a trivia  player  I disliked –  that us having   a rough  night  might  just be a sacrifice I have to make. As much as I wanted the “damning” words I spoke to apply  just to one person, I had to include the person’s whole “collective” for my words to have any effect. And though  I got what I wanted (that person’s team didn’t  win tourney $), I feel bad because  of one  person I wanted to exclude from my lame attempt at a “curse.” But maybe majicks don’t  work that way? What the Hell do I know?

I would  not have  done  any of this  if certain “things” weren’t  said to me in an April  trivia  tourney.  Some things  can’t be brushed off. I needed justice, if you will.

All I know  about “majicks” is what I’ve  learned  from books, Buffy, my nerdy husband  and The Craft.

What gets taken must  be put back… will this awful trivia  night  suffice as a sacrifice? We shall see!

I’m  not  a witch! Though  I occasionally  get what I wish for when I’m  wronged  whether  I ask for  it or not!

You know this  is all superstitious  BS, right? 😂

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