So I Tried Going “Incognito” At Saturday’s Tournament!

I was going for a whole “fly on a wall” vibe at Saturday’s My Trivia Live tournament. I sat in the bar area, didn’t really talk to anyone, except my “trivia pardner” Mike, and didn’t venture out into the “main” trivia room. I didn’t even take any pictures – though I was really, really tempted to take a picture of that YUGE zucchini! Since I didn’t take any pictures, here’s another picture I found on the Internets:


Would Ron Jeremy be jealous of this zucchini? 🙂

A woman sitting next to us managed to polish off three drinks (two glasses of white wine and a bloody mary) in the span of less than an hour. I don’t even know if she had any drinks before we arrived! All hail day drinking? I certainly wouldn’t go toe to toe against her in an all female drinking contest!

Was I successful in my attempt to go “incognito?” Well, sort of…I wore all black! I had maybe…four different people approach me and ask whether I was playing in the tournament or not! And here are some of the stories I told:
“This tournament is pretty close to where we live, and it was a lovely day for a drive.”

“We’re just playing for pretend,” I said to someone eyeballing my notes and my “fake” wager slips.

“The team I tried to help didn’t make it to finals, so I thought I’d come out here as a spectator to check out the questions.”

It was truly a different experience being on the outside looking in! And it was certainly a lot more fun!

Overall…it was a good day!


Maybe I’ll have to do my own rap song about this day!


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