(UPDATED August 9, 2019) When Nerdy Talk Turns To A…Dirty Joke


You can see a better version of this photo by clicking on the actual article

My husband  was telling me earlier  about an article he read in Scientific  American about  Mercator projections  causing inaccuracies  in many printed maps. China, USA, India, Japan and a good chunk of Europe  will fit inside Africa’s entire  “bootprint.”

And my mind  instantly  went  to imagining  a dirty Playboy style cartoon. Man and woman naked  in bedroom full of maps, and she’s  eyeballing his  erect “member” with disdain. He says, “Don’t  worry, baby – it’s  just  an inaccurate  Mercator  projection.”

Now if only I had an artist willing to make this a reality! Do I need to resurrect  Shel Silverstein?

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