Three Years Ago Today, I Made A “Sprayground”

Some say that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention,” but there are other compelling forces out there – besides mere necessity – that bring out our inner “MacGyvers!” Sometimes one of those compelling forces is…being too damned hot!

Case in point a hot, hot weekend day three years ago – my husband and I had reached the point where we didn’t want to just “hibernate” in the AC, and we wanted to get some fresh air – but not wilt like hothouse flowers.

So I got out the sprinkler! It’s not a fancy sprinkler, it’s a three-headed sprinkler that is essentially an extension to a hose. My mission was to set it up so that the water could spray down on us…so I got out the patio chairs and wedged the sprinkler heads in the seats so they pointed outward – toward us.


How nice it was to just stand – or sit – in that cool spray of water! Maybe next time I’ll get out the step ladder to really get the water spray “up there!” Bonus – the toads came out of the woods and enjoyed the water, too (we had to watch our steps)! When my husband goes out to water his vegetables, I tell him to be a little “sloppy” with the hose so that the animals can enjoy the little bit of surplus water! Once, I saw a little bug literally losing his or her shit from a little tiny patch of surplus water from the garden hose. It acted like it was in a water park!

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