Looking Forward To My “Fake Weekend!”

I have the next two days off from work. And because I’ve been scheduled to work the past two Sundays (which essentially ruins any weekend, at least for me) and I’ll be keepin’ that streak alive by working this coming Sunday, which makes me as excited as Wednesday Addams…


You trivia junkies have my boss to thank for me being able to “sit in” on Saturday’s MTL tournament (August 10)! I can’t really plan any kind of weekend “getaway” (such as a do-over of that ill-fated camping trip in July) on that weekend, so that actually leaves me free to go to this game. Speaking of camping trip “do-overs,” that is planned for early September…more about that later!

This will be the third time I’ve “sat in” on a MTL semifinal/tournament game. The first time was in May, 2016 at the Wurst Bar, the second time was in December, 2018 at Bobby McShane’s and this Saturday will be the third time. I’ll be trying to keep a very low profile! I’m not going to be asking around to see if teams need players, I won’t be saying anything to MTL staff members or otherwise “advertising” that I’m available to play. Does that mean I’ll automatically say no if someone finds me (I’m not exactly talented at being “low profile girl”) and asks me to join their team! But if I’m allowed to just enjoy a couple of beers – and enjoy not HAVING to answer the questions? That will be just fine, too (thank you very much)!

So how am I spending this “fake” weekend Tuesday and Wednesday? By doing a little road trip! We’re heading out to the Lake Michigan’s west coast, where we plan to  visit a beach, and stay overnight in a motel that is walking distance from a popular craft brewery (which shouldn’t be too crowded with “out of staters” from Indiana/Chicago on a weekday). We visited this place on a Saturday during the summer before and it was so effing crowded we could barely get in and out just to use the john!

Maybe when the evening is winding down, I’ll ask my husband if he’s interested in having a nightcap at the brewery. And this is probably how that will go down (he really does know me too well):


One of many silly jokes from The Naked Gun

Forget weekends…sometimes weekdays are the days to be a true “warrior!” Case in point last week’s pleasant visit to the water park on a week night. Save some money, less crowded lazy river and wave pool – yes please!

One of the first things I learned when I worked in a grocery store in the early 1990s was that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to shop to avoid crowds. Why? Mondays, people are “replenishing” from the weekends. Thursdays and Fridays are both potential “pay days,” which brings people to stores. And Saturday/Sunday is going to be busy, because that’s when people have the time to shop.

I’m playing in a trivia game tonight, so I’ll have a recap of that game posted Tuesday.  Don’t touch that dial! 🙂

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