Rare Car Sighting Today!

I have a little “confession” to make. It might not come as a surprise to those of you who already know me, but I have a complete “car crush” on…station wagons! Yes, if I had the money and the space, I would collect station wagons – I would polish them with a chamois, keep the chrome shiny, keep ’em gussied up and take to cruise nights! They’re sturdy, they’re roomy, they’re practical – and sometimes they are called upon to haul corpses around (aka hearses). I am just “macabre” enough to have thought about owning a hearse!

I have driven two different models of station wagons in my life – a 1987 Buick Century station wagon, which I totaled in 1989. After that, I drove a Chevy Celebrity wagon (I think the model year was 1984). My grandma had a big brown station wagon, unsure what make/model it was (my money is on some GM model). Maybe I’m just chasing the “car that got away?”

All of that said, I saw an Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser on the freeway today (I was driving and unable to snap a photo). But a cursory search in Google images tells me it was an early 1990s model, similar to this one….


The one I saw today was in really, really good shape – and was BLACK!

2 thoughts on “Rare Car Sighting Today!

  1. They only made that body style for two years 1991 & 1992. Ironically I saw an earlier model from the 1980s in really good condition about a week ago. They never sold many of these,

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