What Happens When Our Trivia Team Gets Final Questions About Golf…

We had a final question about golf in last night’s trivia game. It went almost exactly according to the playbook with us NOT wagering on it, not knowing it – but getting just edged out of prize money.

Some other things that have happened when we get final questions about golf:

  • Not wager any points and know the answer(s)
  • Wager all of the points and not know the answer(s)
  • Not wager points and not know it but enough other teams in the bar finished higher or got the question so no prize money for you
  • Hem and haw excessively about what to wager on the question (every time)

The only thing that has NEVER happened? Wager all of the points AND get it right! Someday…someday!

You know what does happen every time we get a question about golf? I think of this…


For those of you who stalk  (I mean read) – this blog for purposes of reading game recaps, captains logs, etc.? Stay tuned! I’m heading out to get a much-needed haircut in a bit and when I get back I’ll get all of that done! Besides, my bar’s scores weren’t posted yet anyway. When I get back, I’ll post the visual round and update the logs…then you’ll know… (pardon me this sounds better coming out Sean Bean from Game of Thrones):


Fun fact about Sean Bean…when he was working on the Lord of the Rings movies, he REFUSED to be transported via helicopter to the remote filming locations. Instead, he would haul his own bad ass to wherever they were filming ON FOOT. Yeah, you couldn’t exactly drive to some of the mountainous locations used in filming. Isn’t it cool what you can learn when you turn on “commentary” on your DVDs?



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