(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) – Trivia Recap – August 2, 2019 – Sticks

Answers are in the comments, though I don’t remember them all. 

We’re now a third of the way done with the current Sporcle Live summer/fall season, Thirty-three and a third (33.3 percent) of the way done – seven games down – 14 to go! Twenty one weeks seems like SUCH a long haul when you’re starting out, doesn’t it?

We had a record number of players for a 9 p.m. game Thursday – starting out with five! Three is usually the max we can summon for a “late” game – when most of your players are older than 40, yes, a 9 p.m. game on a “school” night is a “late” game! We finished in first overall with 140 points, predictably f—ing up a final question in game two about golf. Final questions about golf are always a challenge for us (you’d think we’re Moe’s Tavern owner Moe trying to figure out Barney’s bar tab – who gives up and has NASA tally his bar tab).


First off, we always spend WAY too much time figuring out what to wager! Then we cite examples from previous games: “Well, we knew that golf final question we had at The Owl, but didn’t wager on it,” or say”Maybe the teams here aren’t very good at golf,” yada yada. None of it really matters – because no matter what we decide to wager on a golf final question – WE WILL F— IT UP! In the case of Thursday’s game, we f—ed up by wagering zero  and not knowing it – and having two other teams finish with more points than us, which put us just barely out of the “prize zone.” So we came a bit closer to success in wagering on a golf final question, but in the end, still f—ed it up! What we didn’t f— up was the final question in game one! We won a $15/first place prize in that game (nice teamwork getting it correct). Also, were only three points away from a perfect game in game one – which would put us in a five-way tie for third place at a more competitive trivia spot! Less chat more splat? All righty!

Game One

1. Top Five Hits – Name one of the two songs by Gun ‘n Roses with two-word titles to reach the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. 10

2. Comic Strips – On November 25, 1959, what comic strip character declared, “You know what I am? I’m a dust magnet!” 9

3. Tourism – What Mexican tourist destination is an island off the Yucatan Peninsula across a channel from Playa Del Carmen? Miss for 2, went with another island that Dave said he’d visited while in Mexico.

4. Chefs – What Austrian-American chef opened his first reestaurant called Spago in Los Angeles  in 1982? Facebook clue, 8.

5. Books – What 1911 novel by Mary Hodgson Burnett centers on an unfriendly girl named Mary Lennox who discovers a long hidden plot of overgrown rose bushes? Not confident, but got for 4. How did I miss reading a book about an unfriendly girl? sounds like something that would have been up my alley as a kid (LOL)! 

6. Conferences – What resort city on the Crimean Peninsula hosted in February, 1945 played host to a conference attended by Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill and FDR? I inquired about whether mass quantities of booze was consumed at this conference (especially by Churchill and Stalin, unsure how much of a boozehound FDR was), got this for 7.

7. More Conferences – Of the 15 basketball playing member schools in the Atlantic conference, three of them are in states that don’t touch the Atlantic Ocean. name two of those states – all three for a bonus point. Got two but not all three for 1 (nice work Evan, Brad and Dave).

8. Movie Characters – Margot Kidder, Kate Bosworth and Amy Adams have all played what character on film? 6

9. Jewels – The Dresden Green, Graff Pink and Cora Sun-Drop are large colorful types of what gemstone? 3

10. The Human Body – In humans, the calcaneal tendon is better known by what name? 5


Brad Pitt playing a character named for this tendon…Or was the tendon named for him? Yes, I think the tendon was named for him!

Mystery – Twisted Titles – Authors Edition

One letter will be changed to satisfy the following clues…

M1 – The creator of the Wizarding World media franchise is also adept at picking up spares

M2 – The author whose works inspired Pet Sematary and Misery also has a long lost brother named Chandler

M3 – The author whose career took off after writing the Pickwick Papers has a shared named involving shirts with false fronts

M4 – Author with novels published in 1960 and 2015 and archenemy of Superman Got all of these – nice teamwork on #4 (though it took me a second to remember the original author’s name that Evan wanted).

Scores Six teams, scores 42 to 64, with us in first. Dirty Mike and the Boys were right behind us with 63.

Final Category – States and Elements

Four elements on the periodic table have chemical symbols that, when placed in a certain order, spell the name of the Western U.S. state nicknamed “The Treasure State”. Of those four elements, which one has the smallest atomic number?

One of us knew which state was the “Treasure State,” the others knew the other things we needed to know…

Final scores: Dirty Mike, 43, ‘Pods, 84. Game Two

1. Word Origins – What is the six-letter French word meaning “again?” Miss for 3.

2. NFL Teams – Name one of the two franchises that made their first Super Bowl appearances most recently. Miss for 4.

3. Comedians – What comedian posthumously won a Grammy Award in 2009 for the album “Life’s Bad For Ya” 5

4. Clocks – How many degrees is the angle between the minute and hour hands of a clock when it’s 5 ‘o clock? I love it when my teammates are all over answering questions that would leave me making my best “duh” face (thanks guys)!  Dave was the big hero here for 10.

5. Cities – What is the only city in North Dakota with a population greater than 100,000  making it by far the largest city in the state? 9

6. Amendments – Fill in the missing words from this amendment to the U.S. Constitution: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable (BLANK) and (BLANK) shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. 

8. 7. TV Channels – Sesame Street is among the programs that began their runs on the NET channel – a precursor to PBS. What did the letter “N” stand for? For a bonus point, what did all of the letters stand for? Got this for 6 plus the bonus.

8. Getting Out – Joseph Bowers in 1936, Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin – all in 1962 – are among those who attempted to escape from what place? 7

9. ’80s Movies – Audio clip of a 1987 movie…none of us spotted it, miss for 1. Missing an ’80s movies question (I hang my head in shame)…

10. Annual Events – What annual Bavarian festival that dates back to 1810 is celebrated annually in late September? 2 Visual Mystery: Got all of these…

Visual Mystery –


Got all of these.

Scores: Six teams, scores 48 to 58 (did not catch the name of the team in first). We were tied for second with 56 points.

Final Category – Golfers

Tiger Woods is the only active player younger than 50 years old to have achieved the career grand slam in men’s golf, but three others under 50 have won three of the four events. Name two of those three golfers. Final scores: Sherlock (?), 58; Dirty Mike and the Boys, 76. Until next time, which will be our regular Monday at Sticks.  We’ll be playing at Original Gravity for the first time in a couple of months next week (worked out best with my schedule). As always, Go Pods and stay classy Sandy from Caddyshack! 

3 thoughts on “(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) – Trivia Recap – August 2, 2019 – Sticks

  1. Game One

    1. Paradise City, November Rain

    2. Pig Pen

    3. Cozumel
    4. Wolfgang puck

    5. secret garden

    6. yalta

    7. pennsylvania, KY, IN

    8. Lois Lane

    9. Diamond

    10. heel

    Mystery – Twisted Titles – Authors Edition

    One letter will be changed to satisfy the following clues…

    M1 – JK Bowling

    M2 – Stephen Bing

    M3 – Charles Dickeys

    M4 – Harper Lex

    Scores Six teams, scores 42 to 64, with us in first. Dirty Mike and the Boys were right behind us with 63.

    final: Nitrogen
    game two

    1. Word Origins – encore

    2. Don’t remember this answer

    3. George Carlin
    4. Clocks – don’t remember this answer…150?

    5. Fargo

    6. searches seizures

    8. Educational, National TV

    8. Alcatraz

    9. Dirty Dancing

    10. Oktoberfest

    Mystery – kevin smith, anna kendrick, sir mix a lot, ???
    final answer: Phil Mickelson, spieth, mcilroy

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