Trivia “Rerun” From Three Years Ago…

One of my “Facebook memories” posts today said that my husband “dragged” me out to a trivia game on this date roughly three years ago. I don’t remember all of the details, but it’s proof that he really doesn’t hate trivia as much as he claims! Apparently some “swilly” beer at a local dive bar beckoned on that August night… Interesting note, one of the players mentioned in this game recap is someone we aren’t really talking to these days anymore (mainly because of changes that have happened with this team over the past year or so). The overall “ugliness” and unfriendly vibe of some players in the MTL league is one of many reasons we haven’t looked back on not playing in this league regularly anymore. But alas, these things happen. Trivia competition is a good thing, but it really can bring out the worst in some people (me included). At least I try not to wallow in it like some kind of pig sty – and continue playing at trivia spots with negative people and negative vibes. I will walk away from trivia spots giving off those vibes (life is too short for this shit). The struggle is real…but I feel me and my trivia team are in a pretty good place right now – we’re playing fairly well – and there really isn’t any ugliness or negativity with the players. Except Mike grumbling about music the hosts play. Can’t win ’em all!

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