Those “Killable” Co -Worker Offenses…

I was in break room  this morning  around 9 am  with a few of my co-workers. All of us had been clocked in since 5:30 or 6 am. Another  co-worker breezes in to work a later shift and sarcastically  comments  about  all of us about how “lively” we all were. See how “lively” you are when you  have to set 3 alarms just to get your “lively” ass out of bed – the last of which was 5:20 am. Allowing  yourself just enough time to chug  yesterday’s  coffee, get dressed and inhale a cranberry nut bar. And also only a couple  of hours’ sleep the previous  night  because  of allergies.

I didn’t  say a thing! I’ve already  been lectured  about my “attitude” at work  enough. F— attitude… I do the work. Who cares how happy I am while doing it?

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